‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Claims Javi ‘Tried’ To Have Sex With Her & Says He’s ‘Cheating’ On Lauren

Javi Marroquin and then-girlfriend Lauren Comeau were rocked by an on-camera revelation by Kailyn Lowry, during the Oct. 1 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

During the Oct. 1 episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry sat down with her ex, Jo Rivera‘s wife, Vee Torres, to catch up. However, their conversation quickly turned to Kailyn’s other ex, Javi Marroquin, after she claimed — during last season’s reunion special — that he had tried to have sex with her in her hotel room. “He tried to f*** me,” she previously told Leah Messer. According to Kailyn, once the footage aired on MTV during an “Unseen Moments” episode, Javi’s then-girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, wanted to call her to discuss what had happened. She told Vee, “I think [Javi] played it off… I don’t know. I said I wouldn’t talk about it again. She was going through Javi to have him get me to be okay with calling her, and then, she wanted him to call me in front of her. And I was like, ‘She should have just approached me, just me and her, because she would have been more likely to [get the truth right then and there].”

But that’s not all. Despite their relationship troubles, “[Javi] told [Kailyn] he wants to propose to [Lauren],” she revealed, and Vee couldn’t believe it, especially considering everything that they were currently “going through.” “Doesn’t she want answers?” Vee asked, but Kailyn didn’t know what to say — all they knew was that they would want answers before getting engaged. Anyway, later in the episode, Kailyn’s producer told her that Javi and Lauren had become engaged. But Kailyn wasn’t surprised. “I didn’t actually knew he did it, but I knew it was going to happen,” she said. And when her producer asked her whether or not she was going to congratulate him, she said, “No. Congrats… Good luck. He’s been cheating on [her] since [she] got pregnant.” Then, she closed her car door and drove off into the distance.


Following Javi’s proposal, he was reportedly caught cheating on Lauren with another womanin their house. It wasn’t Kailyn, and the mystery woman has not yet been revealed, but Lauren broke up with Javi and he eventually posted a lengthy apology on Instagram. Thus far, they have not gotten back together.

As for the other girls — Chelsea Houska took her kids (and hot husband) to a pride parade, Leah Messer learned some startling pregnancy news, Briana DeJesus went to the Dominican Repubic with her boyfriend, and Jade Cline suffered a panic attack after the cops got involved in her domestic dispute with Sean.

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