‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Take Their Kids To A Gay Pride Parade — Watch

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Oct. 1 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', Chelsea and Cole take their kids to a pride parade. Plus, Cole reveals how he'd feel if one of his kids turned out to be gay.

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“Today’s the pride parade, and Cole [DeBoer] has gone all out,” Chelsea Houska says in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Oct. 1 episode of Teen Mom 2, referencing her husband’s colorful (and sexy) romper. “It’s so good,” Chelsea exclaims, and her best friend, Chelsey, agrees. “Aw, I love this, Cole! That looks so good,” she says after Cole walks around the corner in nothing but a romper with a rainbow flag printed on it. “It’s very tight,” he notes, but “it does look really good”, Chelsey says, and we couldn’t agree more.

Then, after Chelsea asks Cole if he’ll be able to sit in their car with his “tight” outfit, he says he’ll “bring a pair of shorts in case” he wants to cut the bottom of his outfit and “turn it into a belly shirt”, while subsequently making us fall in love with even more. “Why does Cole look good in a romper?” Chelsea asks — which is also something we wondered ourselves after watching this clip.

Anyway, once Chelsea and Cole pack their kids, Aubree, Layne and Watson, into their SUV, Chelsea notes that she’s “really loving all the positivity” they’re exuding. But unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way that they do. As Cole points out, “It’s mainly just probably a lot of the older generation parents that just don’t understand [the gay community], and they don’t accept it”. However, Chelsea doesn’t think it’s fair to put all the blame on the “older generation”. She says, “But it’s not [just them]. It’s everybody. It’s not just the older generation.” Then, Cole reveals how he’d feel if he discovered that one of his kids was gay. “People [ask] all the time, ‘What if you have a gay son or daughter?’ [And] I [wouldn’t] care. They’re the same person to me. People are stupid.” Want to see? Watch the heartwarming clip above!

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