‘L&HH: Hollywood’: A1 Denies Cheating On Lyrica During His Flight To Miami — I’m ‘Innocent’

After A1 returned home from Miami, Sia confronted him about his alleged hookup with a woman on his flight. He, however, only cared about finding his son.

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After A1 returned home to an empty house, he heard someone “creeping” in his kitchen, so with Ray J by his side, he went downstairs to see who had possibly broken in. Was it Lyrica? What is an intruder? Neither, actually — it was just Lyrica’s best friend, Sia, who was there to feed A1’s dogs. She had no idea that he had already returned home from Miami, but since he was there, she took the opportunity to interrogate him about his alleged hookup with another woman during his flight to Florida. On the Sept. 30 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Sia asked A1, “What have you been up to?”

“I flew to Miami for a business meeting — and I took the meeting, and then, I f***ing came back,” he said, before denying that he cheated on Lyrica again. “I ain’t f*** s***. There was a girl that was sitting by us, [who was talking to us].” Then, Sia asked, “And ya’ll just randomly f***ed on the plane?”, Ray J defended A1 and shot back, “It’s hard to f*** somebody in a bathroom on the plane”.

“I f***ed on the plane?” A1 asked aloud, while seemingly poking fun at how dumb it sounded. So if he didn’t hookup with anyone behind Lyrica’s back, Sia wanted to know, “What [really] happened in Miami?” But A1 wouldn’t divulge — he just “wanted to know” where his son “was at”, so Sia suggested that he call his wife to find out. However, he revealed that Lyrica “blocked” his number, so he didn’t know how to get in touch with her. Sia’s suggestion? Call Lyrica’s mom. However, A1 thought that was ridiculous. “I’m not calling her f***ing mom. You sound crazy. I’m not going to call her momma … I don’t know where my son is at — I’m frustrated.”

Then, during a private confessional, A1 said, “What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I ain’t do nothing. I don’t even know where my family is, and I don’t even know when I’m going to see them again, and Lyrica has her guard dog here barking at me.”

In the end, A1 said he was going to “file papers for a missing person”, so he could find out where his son is.

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