Logan Paul Reveals That He Wants To Date Kendall Jenner: I’m Ready For A ‘High Profile’ Romance

Logan Paul asked a KarJenner family friend, Jonathan Cheban, if the YouTuber has a chance with Kendall Jenner. 'FoodGod' had to be the bearer of bad news, but Logan explained why he and Kendall could still hit it off.

Logan Paul, Kendall Jenner
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“Ex-controversial YouTuber” Logan Paul, 24, wants to shoot his shot with Kendall Jenner, 23. Although the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s dating history leans towards men who shoot hoops instead of videos, Logan still wanted to know if he could woo the world’s highest paid model of 2018. “I just want to ask — do I have a chance with Kendall?” Logan asked Jonathan Cheban, 45, on the Sept. 26 episode of Jonathan’s podcast, FoodGod: OMFG. Jonathan is the right person to ask, since he has known Kendall since she was a kid, and happens to be Kim Kardashian’s best friend. That made his answer hurt even more.

“Mmm… I don’t think so,” Jonathan admitted, before adding, “And you know why?” Cut to laughter on Logan’s end here — don’t worry, he took the blunt response like a champ — before Jonathan continued to explain, “I think you’re too out there, and Kendall is very low-key with people she dates and they’re low-key.” Unlike her four sisters, Kendall doesn’t broadcast her relationships. She lets paparazzi do that job, since she’s been photographed with NBA players Ben Simmons, 23, and Blake Griffin, 30, including model Anwar Hadid, 20, while she was rumored to be dating those stars in the past. Like Kendall, all three men shy away from excessive publicity — meanwhile, Logan boasts 19.8 million subscribers.

“So if you did date Kendall and the next day you would like like sky dive off the Empire State Building, that wouldn’t work for her,” Jonathan continued. That didn’t scare off Logan. “I have this thing, every girl I end up dating, is like a couple of things. They hate me first. I think when you meet me in real life I’m not the guy you see on the Internet…as disappointing as that is,” Logan explained on the podcast. His last relationship was with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennett, 27, but they reportedly split in Oct. 2018. Returning to the subject of a potential romance with Kendall, Logan added, “Maybe if I get her into a conversation, we’ll see what happens.”

But Logan asked the most important question to figure out their compatibility — is Kendall “reserved,” or has the media portrayed her that way? Jonathan assured that Kendall’s chill attitude isn’t manufactured. “She’s cool. She’s very reserved,” he said. As for why Logan suddenly wants to be Kendall’s boo, he later explained, “I’m just ready for a high-profile relationship, dawg. Like when I make my bill — when I got a bill in the bank.” He predicted that bill will be in the bank in six years, when he’s 30 years old. Mark your calendar, Kendall.

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