Kris Jenner So Relieved Caitlyn Could Care For Sick Kylie While She’s In Paris

When Kylie Jenner suddenly got so sick she had to be hospitalized, her mom Kris was in Paris taking care of business for her daughter. Luckily Caitlyn was able to jump in.

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There’s nothing Kris Jenner wouldn’t do for her children. But unfortunately she was in Paris when youngest daughter Kylie Jenner, 21, fell ill with flu-like symptoms in L.A. and needed to be hospitalized. It was so serious she had to skip out on presenting at the Emmys with her sisters on Sept. 22. Kris is glad that Kylie’s dad Caitlyn Jenner, 69, has been there for their daughter. “Kris sincerely appreciates Caitlyn stepping in and looking after Kylie while she’s in the hospital. Kris has always been super protective of her children and especially her baby, Kylie. It breaks Kris‘ heart that she can’t be right there by her side, but she knows Caitlyn is fully capable and is doing a great job looking after their daughter,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kris spoke with Kylie and offered to fly home immediately when she found out the news, but Kylie insisted she’s fine and asked Kris to stay in Paris to watch over things with her Balmain partnership,” our insider continues. Ahh that Kylie. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to business savvy. She’d rather have her mom in Paris working on her new cosmetics collaboration with the French fashion house than sitting in a hospital room in L.A. by her bedside.
Kris was out of town so it was a good thing that Caitlyn wasn’t traveling too when this happened because she was able to jump in and take care of Kylie. Caitlyn is very good when it comes to taking care of Kylie, their bond is strong. It was a horrible situation, no one wants their child in the hospital but the silver lining is that at least Caitlyn was home to be there for Kylie,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

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