‘This Is Us’ Recap: A Major Kate/Toby Twist Is Revealed & New Characters Are Introduced

'This Is Us' is expanding in season 4. New characters were introduced in the Sept. 24 premiere and are all connected to the Pearsons. In typical 'This Is Us' fashion, the show hit us with some unexpected twists.

This Is Us
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This Is Us season 4 begins with Jack and Rebecca coming back from their third date. Rebecca reflects on how much her life has changed in just a couple of weeks. “It’s so strange, isn’t it? How just like that a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story,” Rebecca says to Jack. “It’s actually kind of terrifying, you know? How a single cross with one person you’ve never met can change everything.” They joke about who will call the other first. Jack ends up calling first. She invites him to dinner with parents at the country club.

Jack meets Miguel while going to look for a suit. Miguel helps him find a sportscoat. Jack can’t afford it but Miguel gives him the sportscoat to bring back later. He asks Jack if the girl is worth it. “She’s like no one you’ve ever seen,” Jack says. He shows up at the dinner and Rebecca warns him about her mother. When Rebecca’s mom is dismissive and remarks are made about the war, Jack goes off in the most Jack way. He’s totally open about his parents’ relationship and how he lost his brother in Vietnam. Rebecca is completely stunned and officially head over heels. “I’m not going anywhere,” Jack assures her parents. When he lifts up his arm, his tag falls out. Rebecca’s dad gives him a little nod to tuck it back in but doesn’t say anything.

Later, Rebecca’s dad has a chat with Jack when Rebecca steps away. “I want more for her than you can offer her,” Rebecca’s dad tells Jack. He vows to whatever it takes to stop Rebecca from being with Jack. As we all know, Rebecca’s dad doesn’t win that battle.

Jennifer Morrison joins the cast as Cassidy, a soldier at war. She has a son named Matty and a husband, played by Nick Wechsler. She comes home from the war and tries to come to terms with having a normal life. She begins drinking and can’t get the war out of her head. At one moment, she remembers something from the war and accidentally hits her kid.

Asante Blackk plays Malik, who is a teen dad. His parents are played by Marsha Stephanie Blake and Omar Epps. Malik is trying to balance being a father and a high schooler. At a cookout, Malik meets Deja. They hit it off right away. When she comes home, she has a smile on her face.

Cassidy goes to a Veterans Affairs support group to talk about what she’s experiencing. She admits that she can’t feel anything, but she can’t blame PTSD for hitting her kid. During the meeting, Nicky throws a rock through the window and the glass shatters everywhere. He’s arrested and gives the police Kevin’s number for the bail money.

The show also introduces a blind man who is a musician. After breaking a plate containing his breakfast, he goes to the diner for food. He meets a girl named Lucy there. They get together and he eventually asks her to marry him. The couple later finds out they’re pregnant. Turns out, this man is Kate and Toby’s adult son Jack! When Jack is just a baby, Kate and Toby learn that Jack is almost completely blind. Leave it to This Is Us to throw in a game-changing twist at the last minute!

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