‘Teen Mom 2’: Briana DeJesus Suspects Boyfriend John Of Getting Another Woman Pregnant

Briana DeJesus was hit with a major bombshell during the Sept. 24 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', when new cheating allegations about her boyfriend, John Rodriguez, emerged.

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On this week’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus was blindsided by a screenshot of what appeared to be an alleged DM between her then-boyfriend, John Rodriguez, and a mystery woman who claimed she was pregnant with his child. Upon receiving the screenshot on her phone, Briana pulled over on the side of the road and showed it to her producer, Alexis. “I don’t know if this is real or fake,” she said.

Alexis then read the screenshot message that the girl had sent: “You think you can get me pregnant and bailout”. And that was followed by a portion that had been allegedly written by John: “That baby ain’t nothing to me. You’re just a piece of s***. Kill yourself.” After reading both portions, Alexis asked, “What do you think that is?”

“He got another girl pregnant. I have to go home and I have to figure this out. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know if this is true or not so I’d rather just talk to him with no cameras involved right now,” Brianna, who had just booked a 1-year anniversary trip with John, told Alexis.

Later, Briana talked to John away from the MTV cameras, and he denied all of it. However, Briana also talked to her best friend, Shirley, and explained the situation to her — with cameras present. “I have to run to New York because I gotta speak to John, I have to have a face-to-face conversation,” Briana, who lives in Orlando, Florida, told Shirley. “There was a screenshot that came out between him and somebody else and it looks like an Instagram DM and she’s like, ‘You got me pregnant, you’re only using [Briana] for fame,’ and he’s like, ‘F*** you, die,’ or something like that, something among those lines. It looks really real. I’m confused because a part of me is ‘Okay, it’s fake,’ but then a part of me is like, ‘Okay, what if this really is legit?'”

Briana then explained that she had a conversation with John about the DM. “So I talked to him and I was like, ‘What the f*** is this?’ I just went off. He was literally confused, he was like, ‘You should know me by now that this isn’t me. That’s not me, I don’t do that.’ I found the girl who created the screenshot, she ended up deactivating her account because of it.”

Since Briana’s been cheated on before — with previous partners — she revealed that she has a hard time believing that it won’t happen again. “After all that s*** I went through in the past, with Luis, Javi, there was always another chick on the side or another girl. Now I’m like, ‘Okay, great this is happening to me again. I have the worst luck ever.’ I’m super guarded up, that’s it, brick wall in front of me.”

Briana then flew to New York City, where John lives, to talk to him about his alleged cheating and whether or not they could continue with their relationship. After bursting into tears, she said, “It’s a lot to take in, a part of me knows that it’s fake, the screenshot, but another part of me, this is just something I’ve gone through before. Why would somebody make that screenshot to put us in a bad place?” He tried rationalizing the situation by suggested, “Because people don’t like you, or maybe they don’t like me,” to which she asked, “So there’s no pregnant girl? There’s no other girl on the side?” He replied, “No. If you knew me, you know I don’t speak like that. Anybody would be upset — it looks legit, but it wasn’t. We have to build more trust in our communication — and being long distance doesn’t help.”

Briana then smiled and said, “I just want us to be okay. I’m glad I’m here, I feel like if I wasn’t here it’d be weird.”

In August, just a couple months after this episode was filmed, Briana and John split.

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