‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica’s Left Heartbroken After New Cheating Allegations Against A1 Emerge

Lyrica Anderson packed her bags and moved out of the house she shared with A1, during the Sept. 23 episode of 'L&HH: Hollywood' after she learned he cheated on her AGAIN.

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When this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood began, Lyrica Anderson still wasn’t sure whether or not she was going to move out of the house she was sharing with A1, but as soon as she learned he had possibly cheated on her again, her bags were packed faster than a speeding bullet. Lyrica explained, “Last night, right after I left my mom’s release party, I noticed something funny in my DMs. I had some message from a chick that’s claiming that her homegirl met A1 on a plane on the way to Miami, and the girl claimed they ended up sleeping together. I come to find out that this girl had sent me several DMs, and A1’s sneaky behind had logged into my DMs and deleted them. I mean, why would he do this if it wasn’t true? I don’t know, but I know I’m out of here.”

So Lyrica and her friend, Sia, went to the house, collected her things and left as quickly as possible. Lyrica even covered the surveillance camera in the house so A1 couldn’t see what they were doing. But it was too late — as he told Ray J upon his return, he saw movers going in and out of his house with boxes when they first arrived. And while he was sad to see Lyrica go, he was more worried about where he could find his son, Ocean. Despite calling Lyrica dozens of times, he couldn’t get in touch with her. She basically iced him out of her life.

“I’m not happy about moving. This is something I never wanted, but now I’ll be figuring out what the future is going to be like for me and Ocean. I’m sure A1 will be involved in Ocean’s life, and I’ll just figure out how to move on,” Lyrica confessed in a private confessional.

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