Lindsay Lohan Gets Roasted On Twitter For Her Clueless Reaction To ‘The Masked Singer’s Big Reveal

Lindsay Lohan got Twitter's attention when she gave off a look of confusion after one celeb was revealed on the Sept. 23 episode of 'The Masked Singer Australia' and it brought on some hilarious tweets.

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Lindsay Lohan, 33, may or may not have known who was behind the octopus mask when it was revealed during her time as a panelist on The Masked Singer Australia on Sept. 23 but Twitter users couldn’t help but think the latter when they pointed out and roasted her confused expression. During the memorable moment, former Big Brother Australia host Gretel Killeen was revealed to be the one behind the mask, but when the camera panned to Lindsay, it looked like she was taken aback and trying to figure out who Gretel was.

Once the moment aired, it didn’t take long for the tweets to start rolling in. “How… did Lindsay Lohan land a role as judge on the masked singer Australia?????? She has absolutely no clue LOL,” one read. “Who’s idea was it to put @lindsaylohan on The Masked Singer Australia??? She literally knows no aussie celebrities and will just have to stand there acting shocked during every reveal,” another read. “Give the Emmy to Lindsay for her performance as a person who knows Australian celebrities,” a third tweet pointed out.

In addition to her reaction to Gretel, fans noticed that Lindsay’s guesses for the singers included some of the most popular Australians, leading them to believe she wasn’t aware of many Australian celebs and was just stating off those she knows. During the episode, before Gretel’s reveal, she guessed Bindi Irwin was the Alien, Courtney Act was the Octopus, Chris Lilley was the Unicorn, and Keith Urban was the Wolf.

Despite Lindsay’s seemingly bad guesses and confused reaction to Gretel, her co-host Dannii Minogue admitted they all had to do a study of Aussie celebs before filming the show, including Lindsay. “[Lindsay] definitely did some study, and I have to say, I had to do some study on the years when I moved away overseas,” she told “I was thinking ‘I really need to brush up a little bit.’ We all just started off with lists of singers, TV talent, radio talent, sportspeople, reality stars… We just tried to get a list of who people could be …. I sat down with friends and asked who they thought could be on the show.”

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