Britney Spears Rocks Bikini Top & Admits She Loves ‘Freedom’ After Dad Is Awarded Conservatorship 

Britney Spears appears to be in good spirits despite the drama surrounding her conservatorship. After news that her father, Jamie will continue on as her conservator, Britney shared a video expressing her love for freedom and independence on Sept. 22.

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Britney Spears is studying Astrology and feeling free, despite reports that she’s not doing well. The singer, 37, took to Instagram on Sunday , September 21, to reveal that she doesn’t like to be tied down and loves her freedom. “I’m outside in my garden today and at the moment, I’m reading a book called, ‘Astrology’,” she said in a new video clip. “It’s basically about what the attraction is to other horoscopes,” Britney said before explaining her sign and which types of people she’s compatible with.

“I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m very keen on Aquarius’ and also Leo’s because they’re very outspoken, they’re very egotistical, they lead the pack but kind of in a good way,” the mother of two said. “I’m Sagittarius, I’m very keen on freedom. I love freedom, I love independence, I don’t like to be tied down. I like to travel. But yet, I’m insecure. So opposites attract also, like Scorpios because they’re very very internal — they think all the time. That’s probably something I need to do more,” Britney says before the video cuts off.

Britney then corrected herself in the video’s caption, noting that the book’s title is “Astrology For the Soul”. She wrote, “Reading in my garden today. Great book …. very insightful !!!! PS sorry the last sentence of the video is cut off lol”. 

(Video credit: Britney Spears/Instagram) 

Britney’s cryptic message about loving “freedom” came soon after news that her father Jamie Spears will remain conservator of the singer’s estate. — Meaning, Jamie will oversee all of his daughter’s business affairs, TMZ reported.

However, there’s another part to the conservatorship, which requires handling Britney’s medical needs. Jamie has since stepped down from that part of the conservatorship, as he’s been battling health issues of his own. Instead, Jodi Montgomery, the case manager Jamie hired, has been appointed to temporarily take over the part of the conservatorship concerning Britney’s health. Jamie will reportedly take over in January.