Michael Douglas, 74, Reveals Whether Or Not He Has Plans To Retire

Michael Douglas may be 74, but he 'loves' what he does -- and admits his gorgeous wife Catherine Zeta-Jones still gives him 'butterflies!'

Michael Douglas
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Michael Douglas, 74, has no plans to retire! “I can’t imagine [retiring]. Unless I stop walking or breathing. No, I love what I’m doing,” Michael confirmed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at BAFTA’s TV Tea Party sponsored by Jaguar on Saturday, September 21. “I love what I’m doing so I just hope to keep going, as long as there’s parts for old people.” The legendary actor has been working in the business for five decades, getting his start on CBS’ The Experiment in 1969, and later shot to stardom acting in the series The Streets of San Francisco which ran from 1972 – 1976. 

Though Micheal is a seasoned actor, award shows still make him nervous: he’s nominated at Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards in the Best Actor in a Comedy Series category for The Kominsky Method which airs on Netflix. “Well I’m not a good public speaker…For [Catherine Zeta-Jones] and I, we don’t live here. We live back east and we live in the country. So we look at it as an opportunity to come out and see a lot of old friends and go to these shows, people we love or admire,” he revealed — also admitting that his stunning wife Catherine, 49, still gives him butterflies. “She cleans up pretty good,” he noted as he gazed in her direction. The couple married in 2000 and have two children together, Dylan Michael, 19 and Carys Zeta, 16.

“This [nomination] means a lot to me. This is comedy, you know…This is what I sort of hope for at this point. I’ve been doing it now 50 years and the two areas I really had not done before was green screen and all this fake stuff, which is much more difficult than I thought with Ant-Man and then kind of a comedy show [The Kominsky Method], and so I’ve just been so blessed,” Michael, who previously won an Emmy in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie category for 2013’s Behind the Candelabra. “You’re in this wonderful environment at a time now when streaming has made it much more easy to bridge between television and film. So it’s a great time. It’s nice to be out here and I’ll enjoy every minute of it. I’ll be the most stunned person if I win tomorrow. They’ll have to pick me up off the floor!”

Though Michael has battled several health issue over the years — including stage-four thyroid cancer — he has great genes: his father, Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas is now 102 years old. “We just had lunch with my father. He’s 102.  I think I’m getting the biggest enjoyment out of the fact that he says, ‘you’re not funny.’ I said, ‘Yeah? Make me laugh’,” Michael shared. “Our bond, obviously he’s not working now. We all have a lot more time. We’re not in the height of our careers and all of that.” But that doesn’t mean Michael doesn’t turn to his dad for some fatherly advice! “I guess his best advice is ‘just know you did the best job that you can and screw it. Screw it. Just walk away and leave it. And have fun!’,” he shared.

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