MONSTA X Show How Much They ‘Love U’ With Brand New Song – Listen

Monbebe have a reason to swoon: MONSTA X just released a brand new song! Ahead of their appearances on ‘Ellen’ and at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, the K-Pop sweethearts just said they ‘Love U.’

Monsta X Love U New Song
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Everyone knows how much MONSTA Xs fans, dubbed Monbebe, love their K-Pop heartthrobs. Well, Monsta X – Kihyun, 25, Joohoney, 24, Shownu, 27, I.M., 23, Wonho, 26, Minhyuk, 25, and Hyungwon, 25 – showed some love back on Sept. 20 with a brand new song. The group released “Love U,” and the track delivers those same butterflies that the beginning stages of a crush gives you! The K-pop sweethearts teased us with lyrics like, “I know you want to hear me say, that I want you / I want you,” and, “Looking at you I got one thing on my mind / I really really wanna love u.” Infused with an infectious dance pop beat, you can’t help but jump around and think about that special someone (AKA, all seven members of MONSTA X).

MONSTA X hinted that new music was coming on Sept. 17. The group released an audio teaser of their new music, which featured English-language lyrics. “Simmer down,” sang Joohooney, while he tried to get close to somebody with “all your friends around. I want to / I want to.” After this teaser, Mombebe wanted MONSTA X to release the song. The band complied – and they also dropped a remix of their song “Who Do U Love?” The track, a collaboration with French Montana, now has an appearance by

The original “Who Do U Love” was released in June 2019, and the R&B song featured “sleek bass, snappy beats, and shimmering synths that create an addicting, groovy melody,” according to Billboard. The song offered an interesting contrast with the rap bridge featuring French Montana, and it connected with audiences in the US. The track has hit No. 29 on the US pop charts. Will MONSTA X pull a Lil Nas X and propel “Who Do U Love” back up the charts on the strength of this new remix? Or will “Love U” climb even higher than this new song? Only time will tell.

Thankfully, not a lot of time will pass before MONSTA X graces the television screen again. MONSTA X are set to make their The Ellen DeGeneres Show debut on Sept. 25 (check local listings.) This won’t be their only US appearance in September. MONSTA X will perform at the Life Is Beautiful festival and the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which both take place on Sep. 21. After this, new Monbebe in the US can go out and purchase all MONSTA X’s music. The group, who is signed to South Korea’s Starship entertainment, recently signed with Epic Records for their English language recordings and worldwide distributions (save South Korea.) Now, that’s news everyone can “love.”

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