‘Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood Admits To Hitting Andrew Glennon In 3rd Leaked Audio & Says He Deserved It

A new audiotape has surfaced where Amber Portwood allegedly admits to hitting then-BF Andrew Glennon, slaps him, then allegedly threatens to kill him.

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A third leaked audiotape has surfaced where Amber Portwood allegedly admits to punching Andrew Glennon, the father of their one-year-old son James and threatens to kill him. There have already been two other tapes obtained by Katie Joy of the YouTube site Without a Crystal Ball. In the first the Teen Mom OG star allegedly verbally abused him and a second where she allegedly threatened to stab him. The latest audio which Katie played on her channel on Sept. 17, came in the aftermath of a fight where Amber allegedly punched Andrew and gave him a bloody nose at her daughter’s elementary school. Before playing the tape, Katie explains, Andrew recorded the audio in the aftermath because “he couldn’t believe what happened to him and wasn’t sure anyone else would believe him given Amber’s fame.” You can listen to it hereHollywoodLife.com has not independently verified its authenticity.

“I was quiet when you first told me to be quiet but you keep yelling,” a man is heard as the woman mocks him. “Is it because my fat f**king mouth can’t deal with this?” She then yells,“You’re a motherf**king joke, dude! That’s not what happened! NO IT’S NOT, you f**king old man! No the f**k it’s not! No, it’s not you f**king senile bitch!” as the man begs her to please stop yelling at her in front of their child.

“It’s a bunch of lies out of your f**king ignorant head!” It’s disgusting  You did it Andrew, you did it” as the man asks “I hit myself? You hit me!” as the woman claims he’s a liar. “You like to hit people. What the f**k?” he says and the woman screams back, “I hit people who can’t shut their f**king mouth!”

The man claims he kept quiet and the woman fires back, “No you didn’t shut your goddamn mouth, no you didn’t honey,” she says. “No you didn’t you senile ret**d! No, you f**king didn’t. You kept going, going and going, just like the other f**king night! You’re f**king RET**DED!” she snaps.

“Then the woman taunts him that “You’ve never f**king worked in your life, I promise you that motherf**ker. You’ve never did anything, you f**king little brat!” she screams. Which is ironic as Amber and Andrew met and fell for each other while he was working as a crew member on Marriage Boot Camp, which she appeared on in 2018 with then-fiance Matt Baier.

The man is heard telling her he “didn’t want to do unsafe sh*t when James was in the car.” “You deserved exactly what you got! In fact, you deserve way more than that, honey!” she tells him. “You speak to me in an ignorant f**king ridiculous tone…nobody cares what’s coming out of your f**king mouth. You’re lying, you ret**d. You can’t keep saying the same sh*t it doesn’t make it true.. YOU did it. You kept f**king going, you f**king ret**d!”

The woman tells the man that she wanted him to stop screaming while in the elementary school parking lot, and he claims, “Because my face was bleeding!” Then she kicks him out of her house, saying “Get up. Go. I’ll pay for your f**king broke ass to go back home. Get the f**k out.”

Then things get even more chilling as the woman says, “I’ll f**king kill you, dude! I swear to f**king God! I swear to God!” and muffling noises are heard before the man says, “You just hit me. You just f**king hit me!” while the woman replies “You deserved it – and then some!” “No I didn’t, I didn’t deserve that,” the man responds. “Watch your motherf**king mouth when you’re speaking to me!” the woman screams, while the man repeats “I didn’t deserve that.” “You did! In my head, you did! Because you’re a piece of s**t!” the woman replies.

The woman claims the man ruined her life, which he denies then says, “You punched me in your daughter’s elementary school! You hit me while I was driving.” The woman then says it was a backhand slap instead of a punch, “Yeah I did. I did. So shut your f**king mouth.” She later admits she “beat the f**k” out of ex Gary Shirley because he had a “fat f**king mouth.” Amber was arrested on July 5 for domestic battery but it’s unclear when this audio was taped.

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