‘BIP’: Kristina Schulman Reveals If She’d Return To Show For A 3rd Time After Blake Horstmann Drama

After failing to find love on two seasons of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Kristina Schulman opened up to HL EXCLUSIVELY about her future with the franchise.

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Kristina Schulman left Bachelor in Paradise without love on seasons four AND six of the show, and she was involved in two of the most buzzed-about storylines during both of her appearances. Along with her 2017 appearance on The Bachelor, that means she was on three Bachelor Nation reality shows in just two years. However, she’s not totally ruling out the possibility of returning in the franchise for another shot at love in the future, even though things haven’t worked out so far.

“[Before this season], I told myself I would never go on another Bachelor show again, but I just wanted to switch gears,” Kristina told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the taping of the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show. “I was like…maybe I will do it one more time. Maybe there’s a little bit of hope that it could work for me. But maybe this isn’t for me. I was very conflicted about coming this time — very conflicted — so I don’t know. But I said I would never do it again and then I did it, so I will never say never again!”

This season, Kristina found herself in the middle of the drama surrounding Blake Horstmann, as it was revealed that she hooked up with him on the SAME weekend as another contestant, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, before the show. Kristina confronted Blake about how hurt she was over the situation right away, and she made it pretty clear that she wasn’t willing to pursue a relationship with him. Eventually, Blake had his heart broken by Hannah Godwin, and decided that he wanted to make things work with Kristina, who he’d had an on/off fling with in the months leading up to filming. Unfortunately, it was too late, and Kristina dumped Blake and left the show.

During season four, she was involved in an infamous love triangle with Dean Unglert and Danielle Lombard. Dean went back and forth between Kristina and Danielle for several days before eventually deciding he wanted to be with Danielle. However, they broke up before Paradise ended, and he pursued Kristina once he got back home. Unfortunately, it didn’t take her long to find out that he was also still in contact with Danielle off-camera. Needless to say, Dean ended up with neither woman!

Going through all of this did give Kristina clarity about what she’s really looking for, though. “Now I am looking for more stability,” Kristina explained. “Communication is important — tell me how you feel instead of meaning something else. Consistency and stability. I want them to be there for me and continuously show me. It’s about actions. I am really learning that actions speak louder than words.”

We’ll hear more from Kristina, as well as the other contestants from this season of Bachelor in Paradise, during the three hour finale and reunion special on Sept. 17 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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