‘Teen Mom 2’s Jade Cline Shades BF Sean Austin After Premiere Fight: ‘We’re Not On The Same Level’

Jade Cline and Sean Austin opened season 10 of 'Teen Mom 2' on a volatile note. She tells HollywoodLife that she fears they will drift apart because of his 'stagnant' ways. While she continues to grow, Jade says Sean is 'young-minded' and is stuck in his ways.

Jade Cline for HollywoodLife
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Jade Cline knows her relationship is far from perfect. Teen Mom 2 fans were introduced to the 22-year-old hairstylist from Indianapolis, along with her boyfriend, Sean Austin and their daughter Kloie Kenna in the season 10 premiere of the show, September 10, where the two got into a verbal spat over Sean accusing Jade of snooping through his phone. Now, Jade tells HollywoodLife that she’s on a different path in life than Sean.

“I feel like we are not on the same level, on the same page, I guess. I feel like I keep kind of growing and prospering and he kind of stays stagnant,” Jade said during an exclusive interview. “That’s my issue. He’s just very young minded. And, I feel like I keep growing and getting older and he’s almost 30. I just turned 23 and I feel like I’m choosing to learn and to prosper and he’s not on the same page as me when it comes to really anything. I feel like now as a parent, it makes me realize how different we are and how different we were raised,” Jade explained.

The mother of one went on to admit that “people just don’t get along because they’re so different.” — A reference to her own relationship. “I feel like we are just different. We think about things differently. We disagree on a lot of different things,” she said. “I feel like we’re honestly just two different people that had a child and are trying to just, I guess be parents. But, I mean, it’s hard, because I feel like we’re really different.”

During the season 10 premiere of Teen Mom 2, Jade and Sean, who welcomed their daughter in 2017, appeared to be in a good place. While he stopped going to his outpatient rehab center, Sean was working and contributing with the bills, while helping raise Kloie. However, Jade was still concerned about his behavior and admitted during the episode that she did not like the way he was speaking to her at the time.

Jade Cline for HollywoodLife

Jade Cline poses for an exclusive photoshoot with HollywoodLife. (Photo credit: Paige Kindlick)  

Jade, who describes this season as “heartfelt” and like a rollercoaster ride,” wants fans to see her independence in her debut season as a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

“I would hope people would see my resilience, my independence and also my selflessness when it comes to my child and what’s best for my child,” she said. “I hope that people see me evolve from ‘Young And Pregnant‘ season 1, to where I am now.”

Jade continued: “I hope people see that I’ve grown so much and that I’ve learned from everything. I’ve made so many mistakes and I messed up so many times, but it’s what’s good about the show, that I learned from when I messed up and I don’t keep repeating it.”

Ultimately, Jade is trying to “break all these cycles that are in my family, Sean’s family or in society in general,” when it comes to being young and pregnant, she said. Teen Mom 2 airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST/PST on MTV. 

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