Jennifer Lopez, 50, Shows Off Toned Body She Featured As A Pole Dancer In New Movie ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez sported her pole dancing-earned abs while walking to her Miami gym on Sept. 12. Her highly anticipated movie, 'Hustlers,' hit theaters the very same day!

Jennifer Lopez
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If you need proof that Jennifer Lopez, 50, didn’t need a stunt double for her pole dancing scenes in Hustlers, just look at her physique. The actress rocked exceptionally toned abs and shoulders, thank to multiple spins and dips around the pole, while arriving outside her Miami gym on Sept. 12. JLo dressed up her muscles in a bright turquoise workout set that consisted of high-waisted yoga pants and a strappy sports bra, speckled with white spots.

Those muscles were earned on the pole, because JLo admitted that pole dancing was “one of the hardest” feats she’s ever done in a YouTube video titled “How I mastered the Pole Dance,” uploaded on Sept. 6. JLo even began learning the art four months ahead of filming her scenes as a stripper who swindles her Wall Street clientele! “I’ve gotten cuts and bruises and stuff from movies, but I’ve never bruised like this for anything I’ve done,” said the actress, who has starred in other performance-oriented movies like Selena and Shall We Dance?

Keke Palmer, 26, would agree with JLo, who joined the lead star as an on-screen stripper. The actress admitted that pole dancing was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done physically,” in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at the MTV VMAs on Aug. 26. The physical demand gave Keke a new level of respect for JLo. “Jennifer, I don’t know how she did it,” Keke told us. “It took a lot of athleticism.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez looks toned and strong as she arrives at a gym in Miami on Sept. 11, 2019. (MEGA)

Hustlers premieres in U.S. theaters today, Sept. 12! Leading up to the big day, the movie’s leading lady was already blown away by the rave reviews. “I literally sat in my bed yesterday and they were sending me all the reviews and I could not believe it,” JLo said, choking up, while chatting with host Hoda Kotb on the Sept. 10 episode of the TODAY radio.

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