‘RHOD’s Kameron Westcott Reveals If There’s Hope For D’Andra & LeeAnne After The Betrayal

From rumors to sensitive conversations about money, D'Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken had no shortage of reasons to beef on Season 3 of 'RHOD.' Kameron Westcott told us what it'll take for these two to 'move forward.'

Kameron Westcott, 36, is on great terms with both LeeAnne Locken, 52, and D’Andra Simmons, 50, so she’s in a good position to forecast the future of these ex-friends ahead of the Season 4 premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Despite witnessing their fallout throughout Season 3, Kameron is still holding onto some optimism when it comes to LeeAnne and D’Andra’s damaged friendship. “You know, I do think their friendship can move forward more than it is at right now,” Kameron EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, after dropping by our Los Angeles office on Aug. 14. So, what’s the ETA for a truce between these two?

“I don’t ever think it’s going to be fully repaired,” Kameron admitted during our interview. To let bygones totally be bygones, Kameron thought it would “take years and years” to reach that point! That sounds like a lot of work, but LeeAnne and D’Andra were both hurt in different ways. In an episode of RHOD that aired in Sept. 2018, D’Andra confided her money concerns to LeeAnne after fearing she’d need to start over financially, if she took total control of her company, Hard Night Good Morning. Her mom, Dee Simmons — whom she had a disagreement on the company’s future with — owns a majority of the parent company, Ultimate Living. D’Andra then went to Cary Deuber for advice, who already knew what was going on because of LeeAnne’s alleged gossip. D’Andra was not happy about that!

Meanwhile, D’Andra speculated that LeeAnne and her then-fiancé (and now husband), Rich Emberlin, were living “separate lives.” Of course, LeeAnne shut down this speculation in a heated confrontation with LeeAnne that aired in Oct. 2018. Despite all the drama, Kameron’s not picking sides — after all, D’Andra herself tweeted she’ll “never say never” when it comes to her and LeeAnne’s friendship.

Kameron gushed that she and LeeAnne have “always been friends,” thanks to their mutual friends and “similar beliefs in similar situations.” But the blonde beauty found her friendship with D’Andra more surprising! “D’Andra and I are in a positive place right now. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we’re in a great place right now,” Kameron admitted to HollywoodLife. “And a lot of my laughs are actually from D’Andra making me bust out laughing this season, so really exciting. So you’ll have to see those fun moments.” You can also expect a lot of wild moments, since Kameron teased that Season 4 will be like a “roller coaster” in the rest of our interview.

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