Camille Grammer Shades Kyle Richards & Says ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Would’ve Been A ‘Dud’ Without Her

Camille Grammer says Kyle Richards should be grateful she showed up and brought the drama at the 'RHOBH' reunion, because otherwise the show would have been a 'dud.'

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There’s no question Camille Grammer made the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion a whole lot more interesting. She feuded with several cast members before storming off the set. Since departed Lisa Vanderpump — who refused to film with the rest of the cast for the majority of the season over “Puppygate — was a no-show, Camille brought the fireworks. And now she’s shading Kyle Richards, 50, that without her presence, the reunion shows would have been a “dud.”

Camille, 51, responded to a fan named Nazmin via Twitter on Sept. 11 who wrote “It’s sad to see Kyle play you like that Camille. You have been a good friend to her as did LVP. I’m sure you have no reason to lie about why you were let go. Anyways they’ve made a mistake letting you go and it won’t be the same without you or LVP.” Camille wrote back, “You are correct. I showed up at reunion and did my job. Kyle should have been grateful for that alone. The reunion would have been a dud.”

After she wrote that another fan chimed in and said “Next season is going to be a giant dud… They will fail,” but Camille cordially responded, “I don’t wish any ill will on the cast or the show.” A user named Cassandra then said “Camille, the entire season would have been a dud if you hadn’t been on.That was bar none one of the best housewives arrival ever & everyone already knew you. That’s how amazing it was so kudos. Heartbroken that you’re not on.” Camille responded with a sweet red heart emoji. 

Camille had so many explosive moments on the reunion shows. She called Dorit Kemsley “most phoniest person” she ever met. Then she got into it with Kyle over whether or not she was a friend to Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards jumped in and asked Camille, “Why are you so angry? Honest to God, like, take it down a notch.” Camille fired back “Oh my God, Denise. Denise! Shut up!” Host Andy Cohen then asked Denise what was going through her head when she had lunch with Camille and she bashed their fellow co-stars. Denise said it was “really uncomfortable” as Camille cut her off and asked “So this is truly a setup? This is truly a setup!” before storming off the stage.

Camille has since implied that it was Kyle’s machinations as to why she’s not coming back for season 10, as the show added actress Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna‘s bestie Sutton Stracke to the cast to replace since departed Lisa. When the Aug. 29 announcement was made a fan asked Camille why she wasn’t in the upcoming season’s cast. “I wasn’t asked back. It’s fine. I did my time on the show. And it’s Kyle’s show,” she tweeted in response.