‘Teen Mom 2’: Newbie Jade Cline Reveals Plans To Stay Away From ‘Cast Drama’ Ahead Of Season 10 Premiere

Jenelle Evans' 'Teen Mom 2' replacement Jade Cline plans to avoid any drama with her co-stars and tells us who she's already bonded with.

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Image Credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 season 10 returns to MTV on Sept. 10 with a brand new cast member Jade Cline. The 22-year-old hairstylist from Indianapolis welcomed daughter Kloie Kenna Austin in 2017 at age 19 when she was a sophomore in college. She a familiar face to the network, appearing on MTV’s Young and Pregnant in 2017 which documented her journey to have Kloie. Now that she’s officially a Teen Mom cast member, she plans to avoid the drama that plagued Jenelle Evans, 27, who she’s replacing.

“Everyone seems pretty happy and I mean everything seems fine, but I’m not really like into any cast drama. I try to stay away from any cast issue, because I know Teen Mom 2 has their issues with kind of their own people. Obviously I just joined the show so if people fill me in about issues that had been there,” Jade tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“But I feel like I’m my own person and I kind of stayed to myself. So it’s kind of hard to have drama if you don’t let it come to you or you don’t speak on sh*t you don’t know or speak on other people’s lives or other people’s business. I feel like that’s when sh*t gets sticky. You shouldn’t be speaking upon sh*t about, you don’t like stuff you don’t know,”

So far so good when it comes to the cast mates she has encountered, which include Briana DeJesus, 25 and Kailyn Lowry, 27. “I talked to Briana a little bit. She seems very nice and excited to have me. And then Kail, I talked with her on Coffee Convos (podcast) and she was like, ‘Yeah we’re really happy to have you.'”

As to why she believes MTV chose her to join the cast, Jade tells us “I think that Teen Mom 2, it’s a very popular show and I think that a lot of the women on Teen Mom 2 are very strong minded, independent, good mothers. I feel like my story just kind of fits in very well with everyone else’s. And I feel like even though I’m a little younger than a lot of the girls, I am like a lot younger. I still feel like I met the same level.”

You can catch Jade’s debut on Teen Mom 2 as season 10 kicks off on MTV at 8pm EST/PST on Tues. Sept. 10.

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