50 Cent Surprisingly Extends Olive Branch To Wendy Williams After She Admits He’s Good Looking

As it turns out, the only thing Wendy Williams had to do to get nemesis 50 Cent off her back was to call him handsome! The rapper invited her to his next party after she complimented him on WWHL. Feud over?

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Are pigs flying? 50 Cent seemingly called a truce with his longtime enemy, Wendy Williams, on Instagram after she admitted that he’s handsome on Watch What Happens Live and complimented his music. The “Candy Shop” rapper, 44, shared a clip of Wendy’s appearance on the September 8 episode, in which host Andy Cohen asked her if she could name three nice things about him. Challenge accepted! “He’s not a bad looking man, I respect his hustle, and I was one of the first people to play his music — probably the first, on a cassette on the radio,” Wendy said, surprisingly.

She went on to say that she got suspended without pay for two weeks for playing 50 Cent’s music without permission during her radio show! The rapper captioned the video clip on Instagram, “🤔what is this, ok we gonna let you in TYCOON next time 😆but you can’t just be coming to my party’s wit no invite 🤨.” He’s referring to his famed Tycoon Pool Party at BarCode in New York City thrown in mid-August. Video from the party revealed that Wendy tried to get in without an invite, and was blocked from the entrance by security. He shared that footage on Instagram shortly afterward, and captioned it, ““You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. “B**** wait outside.”

Turns out flattery was the key to ending this feud — for now. The Power star told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview in July that he’ll never stop trolling Wendy, no matter what. Why? “I don’t like her. You know why? She said things about me consistently over the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in control of the things that she was talking about,” he said.

A source close to 50 Cent told us something, though, that may explain why he was so quick to change his mind about Wendy. They admitted that he really thinks their feud is all in good fun. “He knows people love a good laugh over [their feud], which is all the more reason for him to keep digging on her,” the source said. “In 50’s eyes, this feud isn’t ending anytime soon until she issues a very public apology to him.” Saying he’s cute apparently counts!

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