Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: 1 Couple Breaks Up & Demi’s Insecurities Take A Toll On Her

One couple leaves Paradise together, one breaks up, and three others have major breakthroughs on the Sept. 9 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

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The Sept. 9 episode of Bachelor in Paradise begins with Caelynn Miller-Keyes deciding what to do after Dean Unglert unexpectedly came back to Paradise to win her back. Dean asks Caelynn to leave Paradise with him on the spot, but she wants to talk to Connor Saeli, who she’d been dating since Dean dumped her, first. Connor tries to talk some sense into Caelynn and urge her to realize that Dean hasn’t changed and that he can’t be trusted, but Caelynn already seems to have her mind made up. Dean gives her a charming speech, and she decides to leave with him. Obviously, Connor is extremely upset, and doesn’t even know if he wants to stay himself.

There are plenty of other couples on the beach, though. Katie Morton is worried that she’s not 100% ready to get engaged to Chris Bukowski, which makes Chris’s date card perfect timing. Obviously, he asks her out, and she goes into the date hoping to get to know him better and get more clarity about his feelings for her. Chris assures Katie that he’s 100% committed to her and explains that he’s always had trouble opening up about his feelings because he’s been “burned” in the past. He admits he’s not able to tell Katie he loves her yet, but promises her that he’s beginning to have those feelings and will fight as hard as he can to get there. It’s everything she needs to feel more confident in the relationship.

The next day, Revian Chang, who was eliminated on night one of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, arrives with a date card. It’s a tough time to come in, as most of the guys are already taken. However, Connor is newly single and needs some fun after what went down with Caelynn, so he’s the perfect person for Revian to ask out. They hit it off on the date and conclude the day with a kiss.

For Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, things are going well, but there is one issue in their relationship that they have to work though: Kristian is an affectionate person, while Demi is more hesitant about showing affection. Demi is admittedly concerned about how playful and touchy Kristian is with other women, and it’s starting to get to her. She’s worried that she’s not able to give Kristian enough in their relationship because she’s still not completely comfortable with being public about her sexuality and showing PDA in general. Demi gets a date card, so it’s the perfect time for these two to hash things out.

On the date, Demi brings up her concerns about how hard it is for her to see Kristian be touchy with other people. Kristian explains that her intentions are never to be flirty with other people — she’s just an affectionate person and shows that even to her friends. Kristian assures Demi that she knows what she’s going through, as she dealt with the difficulties of coming out and being worried about sharing her sexuality with the world just a few years ago. Demi breaks down in tears over her fears that she’s not going to be enough for Kristian because of how hesitant she is, but Kristian assures her that Demi has everything that she needs. By the end of the date, Demi is still emotional, but definitely seems to be coming around.

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones are in a good place, and he wants to make sure she knows how serious he is about her, so he plans a special prom in Paradise just for her. Tayshia is incredibly touched by the gesture, and they have an amazing time. JPJ is admittedly falling in love with Tayshia and is confident in their future.

As for Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman: Blake insists that he is ready to be with her and fight for her. However, Blake has hurt Kristina in the past, so she’s still skeptical. In order to prove how serious he is and try to make up for his mistakes, Blake writes his own date card for Kristina so they can have some alone time. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

“I’m having such a hard time saying this because I was going to give us a chance and try, but I don’t think I’m able to get where I need to get,” Kristina admits. “I can’t get there, if I’m being real. It would have been very misleading of me to continue this.” She also wonders, “Are we just wanting each other because we’re safe? Or because we actually want each other? Right now, this is the right decision for me to make — to leave Paradise and remove myself from the situation.”

Blake is brought to tears over Kristina’s confession, and eventually, she starts crying, too. He’s confused about how things changed so quickly in one day, as he was convinced that everything was going great. However, Kristina has made up her mind, and she leaves the beach. Eventually, Blake leaves, as well.

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