Taylor Swift’s Latest Album ‘Lit A Fire’ In Selena Gomez To Drop New Music Of Her Own Soon

It's been nearly four years since Selena Gomez released her 'Revival' album. With pal Taylor Swift dropping two LP's in less than two years, Sel is more motivated than ever to get new music to her fans.

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Selena Gomez‘s fans have been patiently waiting for the follow up to her last album, 2015’s Revival and they are finally going to be getting new music from the 27-year-old singer. “Selena has been very motivated with working on new music because her brain is always focused on music. She is always thinking of fun ideas and lyrics all the time for new songs either for herself or others. There is a new album coming that her fans have been clamoring for for so long, she is just trying to put the finishing touches on it all!” a source close to Selena tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“She has actually been working on music for her album over the last few years here and there and with the recent release of Taylor Swift‘s Lover album, it has really lit a completely new fire in Selena to get some of her music out there. She is actually looking to get stuff out before the end of the year,” our insider continues. Taylor’s Aug. 23 release of the 18 song Lover comes less than two years since she dropped Reputation in Nov. of 2017, and she managed to squeeze in a massive stadium tour in between.

“Selena has a lot of material and she just has to figure out what twelve or thirteen songs she will end up picking. It is going to be a real fun and emotional album that is going to talk about her life and how she has grown the last few years. It’s definitely going to be helped by what she has heard not only with Taylor’s new album, but her having been exposed to Reputation. Both of those albums have been a major inspiration for her own new music,” our source explains.

“If all things go as planned we should be hearing at least a new single by the end of the year if not a fully released album. One of the things now to think about is the surprise factor, Selena wants that aspect involved in it as well. But people and fans should get excited because we are going to get something soon,” our insider adds.

Selena’s had a lot going on in the four years since her last album. She revealed in Sept. of 2017 that she had undergone a life-saving kidney transplant that summer and later went to treatment in 2018 for anxiety due to her health concerns. Thankfully 2019 has seen her in a much healthier and happier place. Selena knows her fans are patiently waiting for the new album and on Aug. 29 she posted an Instagram story boomarang video of herself in a recording studio in front of a soundboard. She wrote,“Just so you know, I see your comments and I’m working on it…”


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