Melania Trump Trolled For Wearing Sunglasses At Night While Arriving Back In D.C. With Donald

First Lady Melania Trump kept her sunglasses on while arriving at the White House in the dead of night, and it has Twitter suspicious that her 'body double' is amongst us again.

Melania Trump Sunglasses
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Folks, I regret to inform you that Melania Trump‘s body double is back. At least that’s what people on Twitter are saying after seeing another odd photo of the First Lady wearing sunglasses at night while heading to the White House. Melania and her husband, President Donald Trump, arrived back in Washington, DC, on the night of August 26 after a disastrous trip to the G7 summit in France. She hopped off Air Force One near the White House while wearing a demure, navy blue sweater, white pants, white Christian Louboutin flats, and a pair of oversized, Saint Laurent shades. An utterly chic ensemble, if you ignore the fact that it’s pitch black outside.

The strange sartorial choice is making Twitter users suspicious that the First Lady is trying to hide something. Like, maybe that she’s NOT MELANIA? “I’m looking at their height difference and this woman seems shorter than Melania. It’s impossible to make out their faces, and I can’t draw any conclusion from wearing sunglasses at night,” one person tweeted. Granted, Melania favors sky-high stilettos, and she’s wearing flats here. But the sunglasses… hmm. “It appears to be dark in this picture. Why is Melania wearing sunglasses?” another said. “Sunglasses at night? Nope, not Melania. Different hair, different walk.”

“Why is she wearing sunglasses at night if it’s not the fake Melania? No doubt the real Melania took a limo home to MD directly from Andrew AFB,” another Twitter user joked. One person had another, non-conspiracy theory: “Why is Melania wearing sunglasses at night? Is it because she has no makeup? I can’t come up with any other reason.”

Melania Trump Sunglasses

Others joked that this could be a result of the other reason she was trolled this weekend: leaning in for a kiss with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at G7, right in front of her husband! “I wear my sunglasses at night… because Melania jumped on Trudeau’s plane instead. #bodydouble,” one person tweeted. “

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