Jennifer Lopez Punched Constance Wu in The Face While Filming ‘Hustlers’ & Cardi B Is Shook — Watch

Jennifer Lopez revealed that a 'Hustlers' fight scene with Constance Wu got a little too realistic, and Cardi B lost her mind over it while hearing the story!

Don’t let anyone tell you that acting isn’t hard work! Constance Wu pretty much saw her life flash before her eyes while filming a scene for Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez, who punched her square in the face. JLo thought that she broke the Crazy Rich Asians‘ star’s nose when she served the impressive hook that wasn’t supposed to connect, she explained in a group interview with Access Hollywood about the upcoming film. “I knew she was a gangster when we were doing this scene,” JLo said, gesturing to Constance. “There’s a scene where I tell her to hang up the phone, and she won’t hang up the phone. And the first take… I did it and was like *pow* — and she started fighting more than me! She was really fighting! And the phone smacks her in the nose and cuts her nose open.”

“You were bleeding,” she said to Constance, who couldn’t stop laughing. She then assured JLo that she was totally fine and that her nose wasn’t actually cut open. She just had a bump. “I was so nervous, I was like, ‘I broke her nose!’ I thought the were going to cancel the shoot date, and she was such a trouper,” JLo said. “I feel like we bonded in that moment. I had a respect for you.”

That’s such a wild story, but the best part of this retelling is watching their co-star, Cardi B, go through all the emotions while listening to it. Cardi looked shocked, then concerned, and just incredulous while sitting behind them in the studio. Before everyone moved on to a new topic, she had to ask: “So wait a minute, actresses. When y’all be acting like y’all be fighting, y’all be really fighting?” Good question! It got some giggles from co-stars Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart, too.

This isn’t the only revelation JLo made about filming Hustlers. She told our sister site Variety that while wearing a g-string onscreen was intimidating, she found “power” in the experience. “You have to take your power back. You have to be so bold,” she explained.

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