Miranda Lambert & Maren Morris Are The New ‘Thelma & Louise’ On New Song ‘Too Pretty For Prison’

If you’re sad about ‘Orange Is The New Black’ ending, Miranda Lambert has a new song that’ll cheer you up. She teamed up with Maren Morris for ‘Too Pretty For Prison,' and it’s so good, it’s criminal!

Miranda Lambert, 35, gave her fans yet another reason to be excited about her upcoming album. After releasing “Mess With My Head,” “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” “Locomotive,” and “Bluebird,” she dropped another single from her next record, Wildcard, on Aug. 26, and it’s bound to steal the crown of “Song Of The Summer” away from “Senorita,” “Old Town Road,” and, well, “Hot Girl Summer.” Thankfully, if Miranda and Maren Morris, 29, get caught, they won’t serve any time, as the name of the collab between they’re “Too Pretty For Prison.” The catchy tune has the ladies singing about a cheating man, and teasing with the idea of committing murder by slipping arsenic in his drink — hence the prison reference.

“But we’re way too pretty for prison, hard time ain’t our kind of living,” the ladies hilariously sing on the song. “I don’t wanna talk about the way the jumpsuits wash us out,” they conclude, reminding us that yes — fashion does come first. The fun jam also reminds listeners that prison is also missing chardonnay, rhinestones, and, most importantly, cute boys to buy them drinks.

Wildcard is due out on Nov. 1, and the album may be Miranda’s most personal one yet. Case in point, the song “Too Pretty For Prison” is based on a girls’ night with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. “This new record has so many little details on it that become my favorites every time I listen, but one of those details is a fellow Texan and labelmate,” Miranda told iHeartRadioin July. “My friend Maren Morris sang on a song with me that I also wrote with The Love Junkies, and I knew from the second we were writing it that I would love to have Maren on it. It popped in my head right away before the song was even done. So, I asked her to come in and sing on it.

“It’s such a girl anthem, it’s called ‘Too Pretty For Prison,’ and it was actually inspired by Karen Fairchild,” explains Miranda. “We were having a wine night, and I always tell all of my friends leaving, ‘Don’t leave if you’ve been drinking, because you’re too pretty for prison.’ So, thanks Karen, for sharing that wine bottle with me and for taking an Uber.”

Karen from Little Big Town isn’t the only significant influence on Miranda’s new record. Her new husband, NYC Police officer Brendan McLoughlin and the City That Never Sleeps have both made an impact on Miranda’s music. “This record has a lot of little rock ‘n’ roll influences in it,” she told Billboard. “I think spending a lot of time in New York City kind of brought that into my art. I’ve also been on a huge rock ‘n’ roll kick lately. I’ve been on a Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin kick, so I think some of that’s reflected as well.”

“I love that about that city — you can kind of just walk down the street and stumble into somewhere that has something amazing happening,” she added. ”I love the energy of that city and just the inspiration you can get if you look for it.”

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