‘Love After Lockup’ Preview: Daniel Vows To Stay Sober After Prison So He Can ‘Start A Life’ With Lizzy

Daniel and Lizzy are a new season 2 couple on 'Love After Lockup' and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of these two preparing for Daniel's release from prison after a drug bust.

Love After Lockup is introducing a new couple during the Aug. 23 episode of the hit WE tv series: Daniel and Lizzy. Lizzy is a 22-year-old student from Idaho who was addicted to pills when she was a teenager. “I have come a far away from where I was,” she says in our preview. She’s ready to start the next chapter with her longtime love. The love of her life, Daniel, is getting released from prison the next day.

Daniel was arrested about a week and a half after he met Lizzy. It’s been 3 years since he went to prison. “I’ve been in the system since I was 13,” he admits. “Right now, I’m in prison for possession of methamphetamine. I was 16 when I first tried meth. I learned the ghetto way, which was to punch the back out of a lightbulb, throw the dope in the lightbulb, and use a lighter and just smoke it.”

Daniel is upfront about his past with drugs. He says drugs “pretty much controlled my life” but he’s “ready to be clean, be sober, so I can start a life together with Lizzy.” Despite the obstacles in their way, Daniel and Lizzy have made it work while he was in prison. But will it last when he’s on the outside?

The synopsis for the Aug. 23 episode reads: “Cheryl stuns mom with a bombshell about her felon fiancé. Lacey risks it all for Shane’s release. Andrea freaks when Lamondre blows up, and Angela panics that Tony may not show. Lizzy’s sister warns her about bad-boy Daniel, while Vince learns a shocking truth about Amber.” Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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