Chelsea Houska Mom-Shamed For Letting Daughter Aubree, 9, Wear Hoop Earrings & Lipstick To School

When it comes to the 'Teen Mom' cast, Chelsea Houska has seemed to do the best job at avoiding controversy. Now she's getting mom-shamed for letting her daughter wear hoop earrings to grade school.

Chelsea Houska
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Chelsea Houska-DeBoer is one of the more low-key members of the Teen Mom franchise, avoiding the messy dramas of some of her co-stars. But the 27-year-old is taking heat for letting her daughter Aubree, 9, wear chunky hoop earrings and lipstick to grade school, even though the MTV star said she tried to prevent it. “Okay what the heck. She can stop looking so grown up now 😭 she was OBSESSED with these earrings and wanted to wear lipstick this morning. Where’d my baby go?!” the Teen Mom 2 star lamented next to an Aug. 20 Instagram pic of Aubree.

In the photo, a grinning Aubree has on light peach lipstick but it isn’t super noticeable. As for the earrings, they’re large chunky silver hoops. The rest of her look still exudes youth though, as she has on a cute plaid short-sleeved dress and a floral backpack over her shoulder. Still, fans thought the earrings were over the top and now Chelsea is getting mom shamed.

“Beautiful but the earrings have to go. She’s still little,” a fan named Bella wrote. A woman named Lindell scolded Chelsea, “She still is your baby. You can say no to the lipstick and earrings. Why are parents afraid to be parents? Most parents want to be ‘friends’!!! You’re their parents first!!!” Fan Ruby added, “Lipstick wow too young.” A mom named Julie commented “MY daughter is 12 and ask to wear my hoop earrings all the time or if I could buy her some. The answer HELL No too young. She stopped asking and lipstick to school nope. That look for dress up only, but not in public and definitely not to school.”

Not everyone took Aubree’s look so seriously. “All these people making a fuss over some earrings. Like there aren’t bigger problems in the world lol,” one fan wrote  while another added “Why are people mad over a pair of cute earrings? EARRINGS. Literally a piece of jewelry. I’m so confused 🤦🏼‍♀️.”

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