Charlize Theron Is Nearly Unrecognizable As Fox News’ Megyn Kelly In New Trailer For ‘Bombshell’ – Watch

Charlize, is that you? The actress is stepping into the shoes of Megyn Kelly in the forthcoming film, 'Bombshell,' & she is the spitting image of the Fox News host in the 1st trailer.

The first trailer for forthcoming film Bombshell has arrived, and it shows Charlize Theron, 44, perfectly portraying former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, 48. The jaw-dropping similarities between the two ladies is immediately noticeable in the trailer’s opening moments. A blonde, short-haired Charlize joins Margot Robbie, 29, in an elevator for a full minute of awkward silence. The trailer is intentionally uncomfortable and eerie music can be heard playing in the background, signifying that the new film will undoubtedly touch upon the more uncomfortable moments of Megyn’s time at Fox. The sheer resemblance between Megyn in real life and Charlize is remarkable, and the actress is nearly unrecognizable in the one minute and 30 second trailer.

Also featured in the trailer was Nicole Kidman, 52, who is taking on the role of Gretchen Carlson, 53, another former FOX employee. Nicole is also the spitting image of her respective character, and looks fierce in a magenta-colored dress and signature blonde bob throughout the course of the clip. Carlson bravely came forward with harassment allegations against Fox’s CEO in summer of 2016, which will be depicted in the upcoming film. As for Margot Robbie, the star is star to play Kayla Pospisil, a fictional associate producer created for the flick.

The forthcoming film from director Jay Roach will follow the story of Carlson’s allegations against the now deceased CEO and chairman of Fox News, Roger Ailes, which prompted more women to come forward. One of those women, Megyn Kelly, went on to claim that Roger was “a dirty old man who wants to get in my pants.” Following the scandal, Roger went on to resign from his post.

Bombshell trailer
Lionsgate/Shutterstock – Charlize Theron is the spitting image of Megyn Kelly in the first ‘Bombshell’ movie trailer.
Bombshell trailer

Bombshell is currently scheduled for a December 20, 2019 release date. You can watch the first trailer for the film for yourself, above!

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