Joseph Allen: 5 Things To Know About The Singer Who Got Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer

The quarterfinals are continuing on 'America's Got Talent' and some of your favorite performers will be returning to the stage. One of those amazing talents is singer Joseph Allen.

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Joseph Allen is one of the AGT season 14 contestants we’re still talking about. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Texas will be hitting the stage once again during the Aug. 20 episode. He’ll be performing for the first time since the auditions. So, who is Joseph Allen? He’s one of the America’s Got Talent contestants you’re going to need to remember as the season goes on.

1. Joseph received Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer. There’s a reason we haven’t seen Joseph since the auditions and that’s because he got the Golden Buzzer. Joseph made his debut during the second week of auditions and performed an amazing original song. The judges and the audience were blown away at what Joseph brought to the table. Simon Cowell raved over Joseph’s “great tone” and “amazing energy.” Howie Mandel was so impressed that he pressed his Golden Buzzer, sending Joseph straight to the live shows.

2. He grew up in a large family. Joseph’s parents divorced when he very young and they both remarried. Joseph ended up the youngest of 12 kids.

3. A song he wrote for his mom went viral. Joseph penned an original song for his mother before he left for college and posted it on Facebook. People began sharing his sweet tune. He taught himself how to produce and mix music.

4. He discovered his talent for songwriting and performing at college. Joseph began noticing that students at his school liked his original music, according to his NBC bio. He decided to pick up a job as a certified tire technician and saved $5,000 that he invested in building a recording studio in his dorm room.

5. He used to race motorcycles. Joseph broke a lot of bones over the years, as well as ligaments. His body is now held together with nine screws, a four-inch titanium plate, four internal nylon ropes, two metal anchors, and more. At his mother’s suggestion, Joseph put his motocross career behind him and then fell in love with music.