‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee Learns Her Mom Is Dying & Has Just 6 Months To Live

'Teen Mom OG' ended another season on an emotional note on Aug. 19, when Mackenzie McKee learned that her mom's cancer had spread and she now has less than six months to live.

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Mackenzie McKee‘s mom learned that her condition had worsened during the Aug. 19 season finale of Teen Mom OG. And it was during the emotional season-ending episode that Mackenzie’s mom broke the news about her cancer spreading to her daughters, while also admitting, “The hardest part is knowing my grandkids won’t remember me.” Mackenzie’s mom confessed that doctors not only found another tumor in her body, but they also discovered that her cancer had spread to various parts of her body. They also told her that she has less than six months to live, so tears were obviously shed when she broke the news to her girls. And the heartbreak continued when Mackenzie later broke the news to her own three children. While her two youngest kids remained quiet, Mackenzie’s eldest son, Gannon, asked her what would happen if doctors couldn’t “fix” his grandma. Mackenzie and husband Josh couldn’t bare telling him the truth, so they simply said she’d go to sleep and never wake up. It was a raw and emotional moment, and one we give Mackenzie kudos for sharing. Those scenes couldn’t have been easy to film.

Meanwhile, Amber‘s arrest and alleged attack on boyfriend Andrew Glennon finally saw the light of day. Obviously, MTV cameras weren’t on hand to film the alleged incident itself, but they did show the headlines that were printed on various news sites after the reported altercation went down. And afterwards, Gary met up with his wife Kristine to talk about it, during which they said Andrew has one story and Amber has another. They also admitted that no matter what happened, violence is never the answer. Especially when it affects their daughter, Leah. Leah wasn’t around Amber when she had her fight with Andrew, but Leah’s now old enough to know what’s going on. And the young girl expressed her own fears to Kristine, when she wondered what would happen to her baby brother, James, if Amber goes back to prison.

Later, Catelynn and Tyler finally got another visit with Carly. And since she was turning 10, they wanted to give her a scrapbook that she could keep — one that featured pictures of her birth family and all the memories they’ve had together over the years. Obviously, Catelynn and Tyler were excited to see Carly, since it had been two years since they last saw her, so we were surprised to see that they took their time making their gift. In fact, they spent so much time on it that they were late to their hangout with Carly. Fortunately, they still got to see her, but emotions ran high when they all had to say goodbye. Tyler also broke down in tears as they were driving away and he saw Brandon and Theresa comforting Carly — something that he wished he could do instead.

Cheyenne also confronted Cory’s girlfriend, Taylor, about her past racist tweets, and Taylor apologized for them and said she was too young to know any better. She also insisted that she’s not a racist, despite how her tweets make her look.

And finally, Maci took Bentley to see a counselor to help him process everything that had been going on with Ryan. Ryan also learned that he and Mackenzie are expecting another baby together — a girl.

Want more drama? The Teen Mom OG reunion airs next Monday, Aug. 26, at 9pm on MTV!

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