Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Got Furious At ‘Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus: I’m ‘Sick Of The Drama’

Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram story on Aug. 14 to answer a fan's question about why she got mad at her 'Teen Mom' co-star Briana DeJesus publicly commenting about her and her place on the show in an interview.

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Jenelle Evans, 27, doesn’t want any of her Teen Mom co-stars talking about her in public without asking her first! The reality star, who was recently fired from the MTV show after her husband David Eason killed their family dog, shared her answer to a fan’s question she received about her anger towards Briana DeJesus, 25, on her Instagram story. “Why did you get mad at Briana?” the question read. “I just prefer no one mentions my name in the media period without texting me and asking me if it’s ok,” Jenelle answered. “Sick of drama in my life and horrible things being written about me.” A screenshot of the post was captured by The Ashley, which you can see below.

Jenelle’s answer comes after Briana publicly admitted that Jenelle was no longer her friend after she got mad at her in a recent interview with RadarOnline. “Jenelle got mad at me because I was asked in an interview if I thought she’d come back to the show, and I said at this point I didn’t think that would happen,” Briana told the outlet. “She sent me a message telling me she can’t trust me. She told me that I’m not going to be invited to her makeup line launch because of what I said. I said okay to that, because what can I do? I said the truth and I guess that offended her. The irony is I’m the only one on the cast who had her back and was her friend and filmed with her when no one else would. But if she wants to act like that, so be it.”

The drama between Jenelle and Briana is just one of many things Jenelle’s been in the headlines for since David’s killing of their dog. The entire situation not only caused her to be fired from Teen Mom 2, but to also temporarily lose custody of her kids, Ensley, 2, and son Kaiser, 5. After going through a very public court battle, she was able to finally gain back custody of them (she also shares custody of her oldest son, Jace, 10, with her mother, Barbara) and she now seems to be trying to move on and live her life as drama-free as possible.

Jenelle Evans
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Only time will tell where Jenelle and Briana’s lack of a friendship will go from here, but we’re hoping both of them take steps to stay happy in their own lives!

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