‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Becomes ‘Enraged’ With Andrew — ‘Like A Ticking Time Bomb’

Amber Portwood felt she was at a breaking point with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, during the Aug. 12 episode of 'Teen Mom OG'. Could this be what led to her eventual arrest?

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Amber Portwood tried opening up to her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, during the Aug. 12 episode of Teen Mom OG, but when he started making jokes and light of the situation, she felt bouts of rage coming on. She said something about feeling depressed and wishing people would see her as “dainty”, so he laughed before simply telling her to then act dainty if that’s what she truly wanted. But she said he wasn’t “even listening” and truly didn’t understand what she was trying to say. She became extremely frustrated with him, and then a plane flew over the road at a low altitude, so Amber got upset about it. Andrew didn’t think it was a big deal, so they started arguing some more. And then, when Amber met with her therapist, she told him how she felt a lot of “rage” with Andrew lately, and he said that she could be “sabotaging” her relationship. She agreed and expressed interest in not wanting to do that.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne took a trip to wine country with Matt and Ryder to test out if he can handle parenting. Sadly, he became completely overwhelmed pretty quickly. He even said it was a “mistake” to bring Ryder, when she started having a fit at a wine tasting. Matt also tried taking things away from Ryder back at home, and she freaked out on him. Cheyenne didn’t do much to diffuse the situation, so we certainly felt bad for him. And then, when they went to dinner, Cheyenne told Matt that she wants to have another baby ASAP, but he said he’d rather wait until he’s in his 30s. So she said she’d have a baby, no matter who it was with, and he was taken aback by that answer.

Later, Mackenzie tried to prepare for a fitness competition, but Josh went MIA so she had no one to watch the kids. He actually didn’t answer his phone for 5 hours, so she became pretty furious with him. She even told a producer that she didn’t want to be with Josh — like, at all. However, he later apologized and said that he should have had his phone on him, and they made up.

Catelynn and Tyler also found out that they were going to get a visit with Carly this year, so they were excited about that. Even better — Brandon and Theresa agreed to let Catelynn and Tyler’s moms come for the visit as well.

Finally, Maci and Taylor looked into birth control options, after he expressed fear in getting a vasectomy. He also isn’t 100% sure he doesn’t want to have anymore biological children, so they have a lot to think about before moving forward with their birth control options.

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