‘AGT Recap’: Jay Leno Slams Golden Buzzer For Incredible 10-Year-Old Opera Singer, Emanne Beasha

Comedy legend and 'AGT' guest judge Jay Leno was so stunned by opera singer Emanne Beasha, 10, that he hit that golden buzzer and sent them straight to the live shows.

Tonight’s the night! On the August 6 episode of America’s Got Talent, there’s just one more round of judge cuts left before the live shows — and that means one more golden buzzer. Former The Tonight Show host Jay Leno served as the guest judge, and there was one act that stood out to him above all the others: Emanne Beasha. Jay smacked that golden buzzer and sent the 10-year-old opera singer straight to the next round.

Up first is the Dominguez Poodles family and their crew of show dogs. Clad in glitter and rhinestones, the family of four commanded a fierce group of canines, including a rainbow poodle, through a series of obstacles and dances. The kiddos capped things off by flossing. They crushed it! Julianne Hough calls it a “beautiful hurricane,” and Simon Cowell says it’s “fantastic chaos.” The all-female dance group DM Nation hits the stage next. Their act is full of acrobatics and dramatics, but Simon still isn’t a fan. He says there’s a “coldness” that makes them seem like they’re not actually people. Julianne and Howie Mandel dig it, though!

Ben Trigger — that guy who hit the golden buzzer for himself, remember? — is back, and brought the nipple tassels with him! While he started out doing a beautiful ballet to “Titanium”, he ripped off his costume to reveal a golden dress with matching tassels. He donned a feather boa and shook it to “Proud Mary” before, again, hitting the golden buzzer for himself. Again, that does not count! Jay loved the routine, but Simon’s over it. He wants to know where it can go from here.

Cutie Jordan Ravi is back to woo the ladies with a beautiful, slowed down cover of Panic! at the Disco‘s “High Hopes”. Simon and Jay are impressed! He’s followed by 14-year-old Benicio Bryant, who does an original song called “Here Goes Nothing”. The risk pays off, and he gets a standing ovation from the audience, and all judges. They have nothing but kind things to say, and they’re clearly in awe. Contortionist Marina Mazepa ups the ante by performing upside down on a pole, no less, and getting up in Simon’s face on the judge’s table. The judges are, once again, disturbed but impressed. As Simon puts it, “kind of terrifying, but in a brilliant way.”

Adorable 13-year-old singer Charlotte Summers stuns with a powerful cover of “You Don’t Own Me”, and it looks like she’s getting one step closer to getting that guinea pig named Simon! Their namesake says the other contestants need to be nervous after hearing her performance. Callie Day wows the crowd with her soulful gospel singing. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium! As Jay put it, she should do a cappella, because her voice is “better than any instrument.”

Magician SOS is next with another impressive trick that involves throwing glitter at a canvas to create a painting of AGT host Terry Crews. Comedian Kara With A “K” gets off to a rough start, and it doesn’t get better from there. It doesn’t go over well when she argues with Jay about her performance, and Howie calls it “crazy disappointing” when she leaves the stage. Ouch. There’s not a dry eye in the house after 10-year-old opera singer Emanne Beasha performs for the judges. She’s incredible! Simon tells her that she has a “gift” — her voice isn’t something you can get from training. And then it happens: Jay hits the golden buzzer! Emanne is going to the live shows, and she totally deserves it.

Jay tells a crying Emanne that in his decades-long career, there are some people and moments that stick with you. And he’ll forever remember hitting the golden buzzer for her after her spectacular performance. Amazing! Now, Emanne (and her trusty stuffed unicorn) is that much closer to the $1 million prize. Magician Eric Chien ups his game with an insane act about the power of imagination. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. Simon warns him, though, that he’s going to need something sensational to keep winning in this competition.

Singing group Voices of Service, comprised of former and active military members, spreads their message of hope again. They dedicate their moving performance of “See You Again” to their fellow service members who fell victim to mental illness upon return to the US. Judge Gabrielle Union is inspired by their message. Lawyer turned comedian Jackie Fabulous is so nervous about performing in front of Jay, but she gets some genuine laughs out of him! He assures her that her law degree wasn’t wasted; she’s hilarious!

The six other acts joining Emmane Beasha in going through to the live shows are: Voices of Service, Eric Chien, Marina Mazepa, Charlotte Summers, Jackie Fabulous, and Benicio Bryant.

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