‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee Cries Over Her Mom’s Cancer & Fears Josh Is Cheating

'Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie McKee made her 'Teen Mom OG' debut on Aug. 5, and by the end of the episode, she was bawling her eyes out. So basically, we think she's going to fit in well with this cast.

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Following Bristol Palin‘s abrupt departure from Teen Mom OG, MTV revealed that Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie McKee would be joining the show. And even though years have passed since we last saw her, the Aug. 5 episode proved that Mackenzie’s life is still just as dramatic as it was before. For starters, she and husband Josh now share three children together, so her life is pretty chaotic. And while she told her friend that her marriage is “rock solid”, Mackenzie was shocked to learn that while Josh was out on the road with a buddy for work, he possibly entertained the idea of inviting a woman back to his hotel room. Well, the wife of Josh’s friend texted Mackenzie and told her that her husband invited a woman back to his hotel room, and even though this woman had no proof that Josh may had done the same, she still wanted Mackenzie to be aware of what was going on behind their backs.

Later, when Mackenzie confronted Josh about it, he apologized for lying about going to a bar with a buddy. However, he couldn’t promise Mackenzie that he would let her know if anything were to happen in the future. And she told him that if he couldn’t promise her that, then she didn’t want to be with him. So he just apologized to her again and that was it. Then, when Mackenzie met up with her parents, her mom told her that she was about to start chemotherapy to help treat her cancer. Her mom said that she truly didn’t want to do chemo because she thinks that only God can heal her, but she was going to do it anyway so that her kids didn’t feel like she didn’t do everything she could to beat the cancer. And when Mackenzie heard her mom say that, she burst into tears and said that she’d be really mad if her mom died.

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor took the family to Atlanta for Bentley‘s baseball tournament, where Ryan made a surprise appearance. And because it was Father’s Day, Ryan had hoped he could get Bentley for the rest of the day, but Maci said he had to play another baseball game, so the timing wouldn’t work out. Maci was also upset that Ryan still hadn’t had a conversation with Bentley about his situation.

Amber‘s daughter Leah also asked if she could get her own Instagram account, but because she’s only 10, Amber and Gary felt she was too young to join social media. Especially because they feared what sort of comments she’d become victim too, considering she’s been on TV her entire life.

And finally, Cheyenne‘s boyfriend Matt had some intimate time with her dad, when they went bowling for Father’s Day. And he grilled Matt about having unconditional love for Cheyenne, which was awkward considering that her own dad admitted to not having unconditional love for her during her first season on the show.

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