Whoopi Goldberg Faces Backlash After ‘Body-Shaming’ Mariah Carey On ‘The View’

A feud could be brewing after Whoopi's judgmental comments about Mariah's body in her music video for 'Heartbreaker' -- which came out nearly 20 years ago!

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Whoopi Goldberg & Mariah Carey
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Whoopi Goldberg, 63, is no stranger to controversy on The View. In an interview with Jerry O’Connell, 45, on Thursday, August 1 the ladies celebrated #ThrowbackThursday with a blast from Jerry’s past: his starring role as Mariah Carey‘s boyfriend in her 1999 music video “Heartbreaker.”

In the iconic music video — which has Mariah, 29 at the time, playing both herself and her dark-haired alter-ego Bianca — Mimi is seen showing off her flat tummy and toned derrière in a pink crochet crop top and ultra low-rise jeans while dancing provocatively in a movie theatre. Whoopi, however, didn’t seem impressed and quietly commented to co-host Ana Navarro that she thought the video was “20 bodies ago.”

While it’s unclear exactly what Whoopi meant, she could have been referencing Mariah‘s body evolution over the last two decades. Since the release of “Heartbreaker” — which featured Jay-Z and went right to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 two decades ago — Mariah, now 49, has given birth to her 8-year-old twins with Nick CannonMonroe and Morrocan and experienced her fair share of emotional turmoil. While Mariah has never personally confirmed undergoing any procedures, sources claim she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to help her shed 30 pounds — and she certainly has no qualms about showing off her figure.

Lambs — Mariah’s affectionate nickname for her loyal, devoted fans — quickly came to their Queen’s defense on Twitter. “@WhoopiGoldberg is cancelled. She clearly hates Mariah. We been knew since NYE 2016.” Another fan commented that Whoopi is “so mean.” Some also remembered Whoopi’s 2002 hosting gig at The Oscars, in which she mocked Mariah’s box office bomb Glitter.

Meanwhile, Jerry fondly remembers his time working with Mariah and on the set of the video — admitting he was “taken aback” by her beauty, and thinking he had “made it” when the Grammy winner personally invited him to drink champagne in her trailer. “I thought I was going to be Mr. Carey!” he joked.

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