Meek Mill Admits Being Off Probation After 11 Years Is A ‘Culture Shock’: I’m ‘Kicking Into It Slowly’

HollywoodLife caught up with Meek Mill at the premiere of his documentary film, 'Free Meek,' where he reflected on life after the culmination of his court case, which was drawn out for 11 years.

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Meek Mill
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It was on July 24 that Meek Mill’s 11-year court case got overturned, and the 32-year-old rapper admits that settling back into life without the parameters of probation is a slow burn. In an EXCLUSIVE interview on the August 1 red carpet premiere of Free Meek, a new documentary film, the “Championships” hit-maker reflected on the emotional moment he received the good news, and what life has been like since. “It was kind of like a weight went over my shoulders not to be on probation anymore, you know? It was like a culture shock, the rapper tells HollywoodLife. “It didn’t really kick in as I thought it would, it didn’t feel the way I thought it would feel, but over time I’m doing more things that I couldn’t do on probation, so I think I’m kicking into it slowly,” he goes on to explain.

Meek was sentenced to two to four years in prison for parole violations in 2017, an abnormally long sentence that inspired the widespread #FreeMeek campaign. Fans and celebrities alike called for justice over the harsh sentencing, and when the rapper was eventually let out five months later, he remained on probation until July of 2019. In the time he was on probation, he teamed with Jay-Z, Van Jones, Michael Rubin, and power players across the sports and entertainment industries to form the Reform Alliance. Now — his new documentary, released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, will detail his case’s questionable circumstances.

More recently, in July of 2019, fellow rapper A$AP Rocky was incarcerated in Sweden, and while shortly after our interview was conducted the rapper was released, Meek shared some words of support for the star. “I didn’t speak to A$AP Rocky since he’s been in prison but I would say hold your head, take the time and build on yourself…of course it’s unfair, of course it’s an injustice but while you’re there, take care of yourself and get your mind ready for when you get back out. Don’t be a victim of it,” he said.

Meek Mill
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Free Meek will premiere Friday, August 9, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The five-episode limited documentary series chronicles Meek Mill’s fight for exoneration in his legal case while exposing the broader flaws of the U.S. criminal justice system.

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