‘RHOBH’: Kyle Richards Cries Over The End Of Her Long Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump

After watching a nearly five-minute video montage of her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards broke down in tears and revealed why she feels so 'sad' about their relationship ending.

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Image Credit: Bravo

The third and final part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special was an emotional one because Kyle Richards was forced to relive her long friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, when a nearly five-minute video of their greatest moment together played out on a screen in front of the ladies. After it concluded, Andy Cohen looked at Kyle and asked how she felt, to which she said, “It’s sad to me. It’s… It’s just sad to me. It’s sad that she’s not here. People tweet me pictures all the time, and every time I see something like that, where I’m joking and laughing [with her], it makes me sad.”

Kyle further explained, “I paid the ultimate price by being honest [with Lisa]. And I’ve thought about, [what if] if I hadn’t gone to her house, and not told her, and then she would have seen us sitting there [talking about the RadarOnline story] — how would that have played out?” Kyle was, of course, referring to the lunch she had with her co-stars before heading over to Lisa’s house and confronting her about the RadarOnline story. “It’s sad to think how she’s feeling right now. This must be a weird day for her, [missing the reunion],” Kyle said, to which Camille Grammer added, “It’s gotta be horrible.”

Kyle continued, “It must be hard for her knowing that we’re all here, and she didn’t come. She’s gotta be feeling bad, too.”

“It’s a sad end,” Dorit Kemsley noted, and they all agreed.

Then, when Andy brought up Kyle’s recent run-in with Lisa at Neiman Marcus, he asked her what her prediction is for the future. And she said, “I thought running into her broke the ice and that she would show up [today].” But obviously, Lisa didn’t attend the reunion, so who knows what the future may hold. Clearly, it’s not anything that anyone can predict.

And when the topic of Ken Todd’s “Goodbye Kyle” dismissal was brought up, along with the fact that Lisa criticized Kyle for making a joke about it — and the way her husband said it — on social media just days after the episode aired, Kyle said that that was Lisa’s attempt to make her “look bad”. She explained, “My sister, Kathy [Hilton], went to [Lisa and Ken’s] house, and she told me that Ken was joking and saying, ‘Goodbye, Kathy’, and they were laughing. So guess what? You’re not hurt by that! You also thought it was f***ing funny.”

But even so, Kyle said Lisa has “a lot of amazing qualities. With that said, you take the good and the bad with your friends, and that’s a side of her that I accepted.”

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