Lisa Vanderpump Is ‘Still Struggling’ After Mother’s Death: She ‘Doesn’t Grieve In The Healthiest Way’

Lisa Vanderpump has been trying to cope with her mother Jean's death, which happened in June, and it's been causing her to take a look at her life and do things differently.

Lisa Vanderpump
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Lisa Vanderpump, 58, had a second personal tragedy happen to her within a year when her mother, Jean, died at the age of 84 in June, just 14 months after the suicide death of her brother Mark Vanderpump at the age of 59. Since the life-changing moment, she’s been struggling to move forward and grieve properly, but it’s helped her try to figure out how to do things differently and live a better life.

Lisa is still struggling with the death of her mother, but trying to handle life differently this time around than when she lost her brother,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “When she lost her brother, she went into seclusion and was truly struggling and battling and had never been in a darker place. Now, she’s choosing to throw herself into her philanthropy, being out and about, working around the clock, etc. She knows she didn’t grieve in the healthiest of ways after her brother’s passing. She’s not sitting still at all right now and nothing would feel better to her than to show the other ladies in her now former cast about how successful and amazing she’s doing.”

Lisa quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a few months ago so she doesn’t plan on returning for the next season. After the headline-making “Puppygate” scandal that happened between her and some of the other cast members this past season, she’s been involved in a lot of drama, but her lack of interest to continue on the series proves she’s wanting to live with happier, stress-free days. Although she’s still filming her other reality series, Vanderpump Rules, she’s still planning on taking some time to focus on her personal struggles and continue the grieving process for her brother and mother.

“One thing Lisa isn’t interested in right now is filming a ton, so though you didn’t see her a lot on Vanderpump Rules, you will probably be seeing her even less this season,” the source explained. “The cameras rehash a lot for her with everything with Housewives when she lost her brother, so she’s grieving differently and taking more time for herself and to do the things she loves.”

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