Why Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Had A 2nd Wedding In Las Vegas – All The Inside Details

'Vanderpump Rules' stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney celebrated a second wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, NV on July 25, two years after they originally exchanged vows, and they had a very good reason for it.

Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney
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Tom Schwartz, 36, and Katie Maloney, 32, said “I do” to each other for the second time in a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on July 25, leaving many fans wondering why they would choose to walk down the aisle again, just two years after they were originally married. It turns out the lovebirds have a good reason for doing so and that reason is because they weren’t legally married the first time around! It’s not just a shock to fans either. The Vanderpump Rules stars themselves didn’t realize it until buddy Lance Bass, 40, made some surprising comments about the situation, which is what caused them to look into the legal paperwork.

Tom and Katie truly didn’t realize they weren’t legally married which is why they still were so confused when Lance was making comments about it,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They then did their homework and realized there was some kind of technicality where they weren’t officially married, so of course they wanted to fix that. So this was a technicality wedding. Katie and Tom are totally committed and very by the books and decided to have fun with this and make a cast trip over it in Vegas where it kind of turned into a whole joke.”

That joke is also going to be a memorable moment featured on the next season of their popular Bravo show. “The situation is appearing to now be a story line for the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules,” the source explained. “The cast will be heading back today or tomorrow to continue filming this season. Lisa [Vanderpump] did not officiate and happened to coincidentally be in Vegas for her restaurant and own filming. Tom and Katie are really excited to put this behind them and move forward as a fully officially married couple again. They’re now laughing at this and can’t believe it happened!”

Tom and Katie’s original wedding was officiated by Lisa and took place in Aug. 2016 in Northern California. It was shown on their reality series. They exchanged vows in front of 100 guests that time around and it was a truly beautiful setting.

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