Luke Perry’s Son Jack Reveals Moving On From Dad’s Death Has Been ‘Emotional’ & If He Dreams Of Being An Actor

Luke Perry's son Jack is a professional wrestler who will soon be making his TV ring debut. He says it's going to be 'emotional for him without his dad around.

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Luke Perry sadly died before getting to see his professional wrestler son Jack make his TV debut in the sport. The 22-year-old goes by the ring name “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy for All Elite Wrestling, and now that AEW is coming to TNT October 2nd, he’ll be wrestling every week live on TV. His dad passed away on March 4 at the age of 52 following a massive stroke and Jack wishes his dad could have lived to see his professional “dream” come true.

“For me this is the first time it has happened for me and that I will be on TV wrestling and this is it and this is the moment where I have succeeded. It is a dream and I am sure for me and my family it will be a real emotional thing. It’s the thing I have dreamed about my whole life and it is here right now,” Jack tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Its kind of surreal and kind of crazy, but I am really excited that this is where it is and at this time, this group and it just feel right.”

Jack has his dad’s same handsome face and enviable head of hair, which he wears long and curly. With his good looks, he could easily follow in his dad’s acting footsteps. While that could happen one day, he’s living his dream as a professional wrestler.

“I think I have a lot of stuff that I am interested in and that I would like to pursue in the future but right now wrestling has taken over my life, it is my life right now. You know I guess originally I thought that might not be a great thing, but I am so excited to be all about this so this is pretty much where it is for me right now!” he explains.

Jack paid tribute to his dad two days after his passing in an emotional Instagram post. Featuring a pic of himself in the wrestling ring and another as a child being held by his father, he wrote “He was a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, he was always Dad. He loved and supported me in everything, and inspired me to be the best that I could possibly be.” Jack continued, “I’ve learned so much from you, and my heart is broken thinking about everything you won’t be here for. I’ll miss you every day that I walk this earth. I’ll do whatever I can to carry on your legacy and make you proud. I love you Dad.”

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