Ciara & Russell Wilson: How They Feel After Bow Wow’s ‘Disrespectful’ Diss About Having Her ‘1st’

Ciara and Russell Wilson are not happy about Bow Wow's 'I had her first' diss, but you wouldn't know it. The couple's rising above the drama, we've learned exclusively.

Ciara & Russell Wilson
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Ciara and Russell Wilson are aware that Bow Wow, 32, made a crude remark about the “Thinkin Bout You” singer during an Atlanta concert, and they’re not pleased. The couple feels that the rapper, whom Ciara dated from 2004 to 2006, telling a packed house at Elleven45 Lounge that he “had this b***h first,” was incredibly “disrespectful.” While they could have gone off on social media about Bow Wow’s offensive remarks, they’re choosing to take the high road and let the drama blow over, sources close to the married couple told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Ciara and Russell really have nothing to say about the whole Bow Wow situation,” the source said. “They are so above that drama and don’t even have time to respond to something as petty as that. They’re both living their best lives and super focused on their careers and new projects.”

But seriously. Ciara just came out with a killer new album, and Russell just signed a $140 million contract to play for the Seattle Seahawks. Bow Wow who? As a second source told us EXCLUSIVELY, “Russell is 100 percent focused on the upcoming NFL season and he is for sure not going to let this Bow Wow nonsense get to him. Plus, he is [seen as a] role model. Why make this a thing he should care about?” The source added that Ciara’s absolutely shares Russell’s mindset about the ordeal. Plus, she’s used to drama involving exes. Future, anyone?

“When it comes to Russ and Ciara, they are taking the high road, at least publicly,” the source said. “Has it affected them and are they talking about it? Absolutely. But, they are choosing to rise above it and not give it any more life than it already has. “Our first source said the same:  “Ciara and Russell thought it was super disrespectful, and although they would like to see [Bow Wow] apologize, they doubt he will step up and do the right thing.”

Their friends aren’t staying quiet, though. When the clip of Bow Wow saying he had his ex-girlfriend “first” during a performance of their song “Like You,” T.I. and Nelly couldn’t hold back their disgust. “Bow Wow you need a hug… It’s an intervention, Bow Wow,” Nelly says in the video, posted to Instagram. It’s unclear when it was taken. Bow Wow tries to reason with T.I. about why he said what he said, but the Family Hustle star ain’t having it. “Bro, you can’t do that. You can’t do that,” he says.

Even Wendy Williams got involved! She slammed the rapper on the July 24 episode of her talk show, she said calling Ciara a b***h was “very distasteful and wrong,” and stated that she’s “very mad” at him. Despite her decision not to acknowledge Bow Wow, Ciara is happy that her friends have her back, our first source said. “Ciara appreciates Wendy standing up for her, along with all the other fans and celebs that have reached out publicly and personally to show their support.”

Russell Wilson’s rep declined to comment on this story. HollywoodLife reached out to Ciara’s rep for comment, but did not receive a response as of press time.

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