Lisa Vanderpump Insists She Could ‘Hurt’ ‘RHOBH’ Cast If She Wanted To After Backlash Over Leaving

Yes, Lisa Vanderpump knows about Kyle Richards' Twitter rant, and no, she's not staying silent about it! Lisa clapped back with her own tweet that definitely packs a punch.

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Lisa Vanderpump isn’t playing. LVP clapped back at former friend Kyle Richards with a pointed comment on Twitter, after Kyle herself went on a 29-tweet rant about their Puppygate drama. Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is over and done, and it’s clear that Lisa and Kyle’s friendship is, too. The new drama started when a pro-Lisa fan drew a picture of a brunette woman tweeting on the toilet while wearing a Burger King crown — clearly meant to be Kyle going on her Lisa rant. Lisa responded to the tweet, much to her fans’ delight, and directed a message to all her RHOBH frenemies. “It’s ironic, now I’m not so hurt I can be more objective,” Lisa wrote. “If I wanted to hurt any of them there were so many things going on, lawsuits, bankruptcies, shops failing, shows cancelled, loans in default etc and I never said a word.”

Lisa continued by listing off what the other RHOBH stars and their allies have said about her: “Me on the other hand, oh I am a liar, coward, sniper, bad teeth, awful friend, terrible wine, the list goes on… awful, really,” she wrote. “Glad I stepped away. Also pump rules has been amazing this year.” Lisa famously announced that she would be leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after nine season on the show, just two days before the first night of the reunion special aired. The ladies were already cheesed that Lisa didn’t show up to tape the reunion in the first place. This just sealed the deal: Lisa was no longer their friend.

Kyle explained in her Twitter opus that what we see on RHOBH is not scripted; it’s their real life ups and downs, and her friendship with Lisa is fractured. She added that while she’s “cried the whole way through” past seasons, season 9 left her especially frustrated. She accused Lisa of setting up the PuppyGate incident to make their co-star, Dorit Hemsley, “look bad for entertainment purposes.” For the unversed, Dorit’s family adopted a puppy from Lisa’s shelter, Vanderpump Dogs, at the beginning of the season. The family re-homed the dog, and the new owners took it to the pound. The puppy was microchipped, and when Lisa eventually found out what happened, she flipped. Cue an entire season of fighting and failed friendships — and lasting animosity.

So, which RHOBH lady is going to launch into a tweet storm next? Let’s start taking bets, people!

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