‘AGT’ Recap: Dwyane Wade Gives Indian Dance Group His Golden Buzzer After Epic Performance

Gabrielle Union's hubby Dwyane Wade guest-starred on the July 23 episode of 'AGT' and was so blown away by Indian dance crew V. Unbeatable that he sent them straight to the live shows.

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The judge cuts are continuing on America’s Got Talent. There are only 6 spots left and guest judge Dwyane Wade had a Golden Buzzer to use. The season 14 competition is hitting a whole new level now. The first impression has already happened, so now these acts have to take their performances to new heights for the judges and the crowd.

The adorable girl group GFORCE wows with an original song called “Simon Says.” The girls don’t just have talented voices, they can really dance. GFORCE is truly destined for stardom. Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Dwyane love the performance, but Howie Mandel thinks the second performance “didn’t have the same impact” as their first performance. With GFORCE, all that matters is what Simon Cowell has to say. He tells the group that this was a “way, way better audition than the first time.”

Magician Dom Chambers takes the stage next with an act he believes is “bigger and better” than his first audition. He involves Siri and a tequila sunrise during his performance. The crowd is really into it. Dwyane calls it some of the “best magic I’ve ever seen.” Simon admits that it wasn’t “as dynamic as your first audition.”

Lamont Landers, the singer whom Simon notoriously gave a second chance during the auditions, is back. He performs an acoustic rendition of P!nk’s “Walk Me Home.” Dwyane and Julianne feel that Lamont could have done more with his audition. Simon says he likes his voice but it left him “with nothing” and admits there was “no drama or emotion.” Simon also says, “I don’t think I’ll be fighting for you in the end.”

Blacklight painter Alex Dowis wants to show Simon that he deserves to be in this competition. He creates the moon landing in honor of the 50th anniversary for his next performance. Dwyane calls Alex an “amazing storyteller” and Simon is equally blown away. He says that he got “goosebumps on my goosebumps.”

V. Unbeatable hits the stage for another incredible performance and honor their late friend, Vikas. They leave the judges and crowd completely stunned with their jaw-dropping stunts. “My heart is beating at a rapid pace I have never felt before,” Dwyane tells the group. He commends them for their athleticism and determination. He loves them so much that he gives them his Golden Buzzer! The group is going straight to the live shows!

Dance duo Izzy and Easton impress the judges once again with a magnificent performance. Julianne has mad respect for Izzy for being 11 years old and already wearing pointe shoes. After their performance, Julianne raves that Izzy and Easton are “super creative and imaginative.”

Fan favorite singer Robert Finley returns to the AGT stage with another original song called “Medicine Woman.” His performance is the definition of a good time. Howie loves his authenticity and Dwyane wants to adopt him into the Wade family. Hand balancing act Duo Fusion also wows with another jaw-dropping performance.

Comedian Ryan Niemiller is one of the last to perform during the second week of judge cuts. He brings it once again with his stand-up act. Howie raves that he deserves a spot on the show and Dwyane calls Ryan “one of a kind.”

The judges deliberate and decide between the 18 acts. These are the 6 acts moving forward to the live shows: Dom Chambers, GFORCE, Robert Finley, Bir Khalsa Group, Alex Dikos, and Ryan Niemiller.

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