Kel Mitchell: The Jonas Brothers Had One Catch Before Signing On To ‘All That’ Reboot Before Joe’s Wedding

Oh, sweet nostalgia. HL caught up with Kel Mitchell at his Good Burger pop-up where he reflected on his iconic '90s movie with Kenan Thompson, & told us how he roped the Jonas Brothers into his 'All That' reboot skit!

Kel Mitchell All That Reboot
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Image Credit: Anaïs Lucia

Welcome to Good Burger! The Jonas Brothers had fans roaring with laughter thanks to their appearance in the All That reboot, and HL caught up with the show’s actor Kel Mitchell, 40, to learn how the epic scene came to fruition. While chatting with HollywoodLife at the opening of The Good Burger Pop Up Restaurant in West Hollywood, Kel told us that there was one request the JoBros had before filming, which took place just ahead of Joe’s June 29 wedding to Sophie Turner, 23. “We all knew about the wedding, so we we’re excited about that. The Jonas Brothers are big, big fans of all that, so we were super excited to have them. They were having a lot of fun. It was great. They said, ‘If they’re going to be a musical guest, they had to be in a Good Burger sketch,'” he explained. “That was the catch.”

Well — we’re glad the scene worked out because it’s HILARIOUS. In the clip, the three brothers strolled into Good Burger where they were met by Ed, played by Mitchell. Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger!” he exclaimed, reciting his famous line, which appeared to startle the bandmates. Nick, Joe, and Kevin then struggled to converse with the burger shop employee, who couldn’t quite see eye-to-eye with them when taking their order. The clip was the perfect dose of nostalgia for fans of the 1997 film, Good Burger.

Of course, no one shares the screen as well Kel and his famed co-star, Kenan Thompson, 41. The star also took the time to reflect on all of their epic TV and film moments together. “[There’s Been] so many great skits. We’ve done so many great stuff together. Even on All That, you’ll see him being on there and play a little bit too. People want Kenan and Kel too. It’s crazy,” he told HL.

Kel Mitchell All That Reboot
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While not everyone was thrilled at the idea of an All That reboot, Kel let any shade roll right off his shoulders. Kel admitted that recent diss comments from Drake Bell didn’t bother him at all. “I don’t care. I don’t know. You know what? He’s not really a good fan of All That, you know what I mean?” Kel told us at the pop-up. “And so, hey, show’s awesome. The ratings prove it that we’re awesome, so he was wrong. You’re wrong Drake Bell.”

The Good Burger pop-up restaurant, which is inspired by the All That sketch, opened on July 10 in Los Angeles, CA and will remain open until the end of 2019. It coincided with Nickelodeon ’s All That reboot, which returned on June 15.

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