T.I. & Tiny Celebrate Her Birthday In Barcelona With Biking, Boating & More – Videos

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Tiny! While celebrating Tameka Harris’s 44th birthday in Barcelona, her beloved bae, T.I., treated her to a romantic bike ride, a gorgeous boat cruise, and gifted her a massive bouquet of flowers!

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“Most people will only see the [money],” T.I., 38, captioned a video he uploaded to his Instagram on July 15, one day after Tameka “Tiny” Harris turned 44. In the video, T.I. gave his wife with a bouquet of flowers that was literally taller than she was, and he got thousands of his fans to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. “But it’s really the thought, time, & effort that makes this sh*t DOPE. Anybody can spend a bag & run up a check… It’s the attention to detail that makes it special. And that’s why… #NobodyDoesitLikeBigDaddyHarris Happy Birthday Mrs.H [crown] The Best is Yet to Come!!!” Tip wasn’t kidding. As seen in the videos Tip posted to Instagram afterward, he still had plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

“Meanwhile in Barcelona…” Tip captioned a July 16 video of him jamming out to a pair of guitar players on the streets of the Spanish city. The music was the soundtrack to his and Tiny’s holiday, as he took his love out for a bike ride around the romantic metropolis. “This my ‘It’s Hot as a Bit*h” Face,’ ” he captioned another video, indicating that yes, Spain is hot but not as sizzling as the woman around his arm. Thankfully, the two were able to cool off shortly after that, as Tip shared a video of them taking a luxurious cruise in the Spanish waters.

“Birthdays & Barcelona Bike Rides… #NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris,” T.I. wrote in another video that showed him and Tiny cruising around the streets while on a pair of bikes. In a move that really isn’t recommended for anyone, Tip captured Barcelona’s beautiful scenery on his phone while weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic. It made for a good video, but he’s lucky that Tiny’s birthday celebration didn’t include a trip to the emergency room.

It did include some jewelry, because before this Spanish holiday, T.I. gifted his wife with a massive diamond necklace. The way he gave it to her also deserves some kudos, because he had a bartender hide the necklace at the bottom of Tiny’s orange cocktail. Chalk it up to wanting to see the joy on Tiny’s face, but T.I. couldn’t keep the surprise to himself. After they toasted, he asked his wife, “was your last drink that heavy?” Tiny gave Tip a curious look, before inspecting her glass. The second she discovered that the “ice” in her drink was the diamond variety, she wrapped her arms around T.I. and covered him with kisses. That just goes to show everyone that “#NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris”

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