Nikki Bella Reveals She & Artem Chigvintsev Are Officially ‘Boyfriend & Girlfriend’ After 6 Mos. Together

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are podcast and YouTube official! The duo announced that they are now in a relationship.

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Nikki Bella, 35, and Artem Chigvintsev, 37, finally announced that they’re officially a couple after they’ve been spotted together since the beginning of 2019! The two shared the happy news on The Bellas Podcast today in a brand-new episode aptly titled “Official.” “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” Nikki told the audience, with Artem adding, “We’re in a relationship.” The two celebrated the start of their public official relationship by recording a dance on YouTube to Rita Ora’s “Let You Love Me,” simultaneously honoring their time together as partners on Dancing with the Stars back in 2017.

Artem described how the couple had three days to put on the beautiful dance – including choreography and filming! “Nicole’s very very very busy always,” Artem said. “The amount of things on her mind is endless,” he gushed about his creative, hard-working girlfriend. “I hope you guys like it, because I think it’s very special for the both of us for various reasons,” Artem said. Nikki teased and asked him what the reasons were. Artem said it was special to film because it was “very personal” and “special” because of the “song and storyline.”

Artem continued that it “sums up” their relationship. “It’s very dear to both of our hearts, it’s so emotional, it’s crazy,” he added. “It makes you feel a certain way, and when you see it, it makes more sense. It’s one of those dances where you feel very vulnerable about and I think that’s what’s really special about it,” he said.

Nikki said she agreed. “I’m the one that chose the song,” Nikki said. “My journey with Artem and dating, this song really hit me hard because I felt like, ‘I’m falling for this guy really fast,’ not that I want to avoid it, but I pushed Artem away because I wasn’t ready for anything. What was coming at me with Artem, this amazing guy, he makes me laugh, it’s easy to be around him, he makes me feel stress-free. I felt myself falling for him a lot, but then I felt like I was acting out in ways,” she said.

“He choreographed something so beautifully,” Nikki added, talking about how she brought the song to Artem thinking the lyrics related to their relationship. The couple then spoke about what they appreciate about one another. “Everything what women stand for nowadays, I think you’re a perfect example of that,” Artem said. “You’re strong, you’re powerful, you’re very independent, you have the career you’re so driven about. You’re just an amazing human being, it’s hard to sum up in a few words. You can’t describe a feeling, and that’s how it makes me feel.”

Nikki then said at the time viewers would hear the podcast, she and Artem would be on their way to New Zealand for a special, secret project for a month. We’re so happy and excited for these two, and over the moon that they decided to announce that they’re together.

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