Bianca Devins’ Accused Killer Is Facing Life In Prison Without Parole, Says Utica D.A.

Social media star Bianca Devins was brutally murdered on July 14. And now, the man who's been charged with the crime (her presumed boyfriend) is facing life behind bars, according to the Utica D.A.

Bianca Devins Killer Life Sentence
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Image Credit: Provided by the Williams-Devins Family

Bianca Devins’ life was cut short on July 14, and following her horrific death at 17, police arrested Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, whom they believe was her boyfriend. Police suspect Brandon slit the throat of the popular Instagram user and have since charged him with second degree murder. Now, the Utica District Attorney Scott McNamara tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the suspected murderer could potentially spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“In NY State, our typical murder is considered murder in the 2nd degree. Murder in 1st degree used to mean the death penalty but that was deemed unconstitutional so now the punishment for murder 1 is life without parole. But to be considered a 1st degree murder the crime has to have very specific aggravating factors. For example the murder of a police officer qualifies as 1st degree. This case doesn’t have any of the aggravating factors so it falls under murder in 2nd degree and the punishment for that is 25 years to life. So, if he gets the maximum punishment he would have to serve 25 years in state prison and then be eligible for parole every two years after that. The minimum sentence for murder 2 is 15 year to life. After 15 years he’d be eligible for parole. He could serve the rest of his life in jail though, if the parole denies him release. You may recall that Charles Manson kept getting turned down by the parole board, so he spent the rest of his life in jail,” Scott tells us.
The twisted crime was made all the more gruesome because photos of Bianca’s dead body started circulating on social media after Brandon seemingly posted them. According to the the Utica D.A., those social media posts will be used as evidence in the case. “I anticipate we will use the social media posting as part of the evidence that we will put forth,” Scott tells us. “We will present all the evidence that we think is compelling that proves to the court that we can hold him without bail.”
In a final act of violence, Brandon slit his own throat when police surrounded him in his car, prior to his arrest. He survived, but had to have surgery and is still in the hospital, but according to Scott, he will soon be in county jail. “He is awake and he can talk and at this point he is being treated for the self inflicted injuries to his neck. We anticipate in the next few days he will be released from the hospital and transferred to the county jail where he will be held without bail. Within six days we will have the felony hearing and the next step after that is the grand jury. At some point in the case we will go to the grand jury and it will be sooner rather than later. We have to go within the first 45 days so it’s all going to happen fairly quickly. We are already putting the case together for the grand jury.”
After Bianca’s death, her family released the following statement to HollywoodLife: “We are very grateful for the outpouring of love and sympathy we have received from our Friends, Family, Bianca’s Friends and the whole community. Your prayers help to strengthen us through this difficult time. Bianca, age 17, was a talented artist, a loving sister, daughter, and cousin, and a wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon. She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven. Bianca’s smile brightened our lives. She will always be remembered as our Princess. Bianca graduated from T. R. Proctor High School this past June and was looking forward to attending MVCC in the fall.”

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