‘Kate Plus Date’ Finale: Kate Gosselin Finally Gets A Kiss On One Of Her Last 2 Dates

One of Kate Gosselin's final two dates ended with a shocking surprise, during the July 15 season finale of 'Kate Plus Date', when she kissed one of her suitors.

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Kate Gosselin, 44, gave one man her “stamp of approval”, during the July 15 season finale of Kate Plus Date, after an “amazing” dinner date. But before we name who she picked as the man who she’d like to pursue for a potential relationship, let’s start from the beginning. When the season finale of Kate Plus Date started, Kate’s two matchmakers came together and compared notes. They both congratulated the other on successfully dealing with Kate and her many nuances, and then they were thrilled to learn that Kate was picking a guy from each set of dates they sent her on. And believe it or not, the same guys that Kate picked to go on a second date with (Jeff and Joey) were the same ones that her twin daughters, Cara and Mady, both 18, picked for her. So the next step on Kate’s dating process was pretty exciting for everyone involved.

Kate’s first date was with Joey, and he took her to a speakeasy in NYC. As for why he picked a speakeasy for their second date, Joey said, “The first thing that came to mind about living in the East Village, lower east side area, was what about this area is very unique and possibly iconic. And the first thing that came to mind was a speakeasy.” Kate seemed uneasy about it and became “worried” when Joey led her down a dark underground tunnel, before arriving at their destination, but she seemed to have fun with him. However, when they were going to say goodbye to each other, outside in the bitter cold, neither went in for a kiss. Joey said he wanted to, but instead, he just kissed Kate on both of her cheeks before they went their own ways.

Later, Kate met up with Jeff, who cooked her a meal at his house. “Throughout the evening, one of my goals was not necessarily to make a move, it was to feel her out and to see if that was a possibility,” Jeff explained to producers in a confessional. “So I eventually put my arm on the back of the couch, kind of around her. I don’t recall her settling into that too well, if at all, but she didn’t reject it. She didn’t move away.”

They eventually settled into his living room after eating, and Kate seemed to enjoy herself. “[It was] amazing,” she said. “Messy and amazing and good and delicious. Actually, very well-chosen, very well-planned. You can cook. You get a stamp of approval.”

Eventually, towards the end of the date, Kate told Jeff that she’d like to see him again, as they still have a lot to talk about, and he gave her a kiss on the lips! Afterwards, they both said the kiss was “nice”, and Kate had a huge smile on her face. But when producers asked her if she was planning on pursuing a relationship with Jeff, Kate remained coy.

Kate divorced Jon Gosselin, 42, in 2009. Together, they share 15-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin, and 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara.

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