T.I. Surprises Tiny With Massive Diamond Birthday Necklace By Hiding It In Her Drink — Watch

T.I. surprised wife Tiny Harris with a massive diamond and ruby necklace. But he hid it at the bottom of a cocktail so she had to drink to find her 44th birthday present.

T.I. and Tiny Harris
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T.I. and Tiny Harris are just so adorable. Tip always goes big when it comes to her lavish romantic birthday presents and for her 44th trip around the sun on July 14, he bought her jewelry fit for royalty. In an Instagram video he showed off the massive diamond chain link necklace with rubies surrounded by diamonds dripping off of it. The couple was out at a bar celebrating her birthday with pals and Tip had the bartender hide the necklace at the bottom of Tiny’s orange cocktail so she couldn’t see it.

In the video Tip, 38, led the toast for Tiny’s birthday and everyone clinked glasses. Then he asked her “was your last drink that heavy” since there was such weighty bling at the bottom that she couldn’t see. Tiny eventually lifted it up to see that there was a different kind of ice in her cocktain, but her husband told her she had to drink to get to it.

The cocktail must have been pretty strong because Tiny took a swig and put her hand up to her mouth to wave away the alcohol taste. Eventually she used a straw to lift the necklace from the bottom of the glass and once she had a look at it after towelling it off, Tiny was overcome with joy. She jumped up and gave Tip a great big hug and kiss. The final scene of the video shows the bling around her neck and holy cow that is one gorgeous necklace. T.I. really outdid himself.

Tip lovingly wrote next to the video: “A pleasure to Show Out &  Pipe UP for the Queen 👑 Each and every year…. Happy Birthday Mrs Harris. We’re all thankful & blessed to have  you in our lives, reminding us that Life is for Laughter & Living!!! I’m fasho gon see to it that your cup runneth over with All my Love,Forever More… Side Note: The best is yet to come…. Aint no turnin’down Jack!!!! TUH😤 Not on MY watch👀… HellisYouSayin FOOL🤨?!?! #HappyBirthdayMrsH 🥰💙❤️🧡💛💚#NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris.”

Tiny responded in the comments by telling him “I love u so much…thank you for all the amazing surprises u put together for my bday & all the endless love u give me!! So thankful for u Big Head🤪 I’m even more stoked about what’s to come but nothing tops spending my life with you!! U already know this.. but u the Muthafukn Man Big Daddy.”

Furthermore, a source tells HollywoodLife, “T.I. and Tiny were at Delilah in West Hollywood with a big group and were dining in the Private Dining Room in the back on Saturday. They stayed all night until close. They ordered Burger, chicken tenders, Diver scallops, filet, fries, carrot soufflé. Tiny loved a specialty cocktail — the Spicy Siena and she loved it so much she kept ordering it. So T.I. did something special and had 4 of them made, and he had a thick diamond link chain he wanted to put between the ice of the margarita.  So when they passed out all the drinks she got that one and found it at the bottom. She was so surprised and excited! It was quite romantic.”


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