Shark Week 2019 Schedule: Josh Duhamel’s New Movie & More — Full List

Shark Week is making waves once again in 2019. The full schedule has been released and this year includes Shark Week's first scripted feature-length film starring Josh Duhamel.

Josh Duhamel
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Shark Week returns on July 28 for 7 days of epic shows, movies, and specials. Shark Week is television’s longest-running and most anticipated summer event. This year, there will be over 20 hours of original programming from July 28 to August 4. Shark Week 2019 is unlike any other. The event’s first scripted feature-length film, Capsized: Blood In The Water, will premiere on July 31.

Josh Duhamel, Tyler Blackburn, Rebekah Graf, Beau Garrett, and Josh Close star in the TV movie. Capsized: Blood In The Water is a true story about an October 1982 shark encounter. This year, the pop culture phenomenon will take viewers to oceans around the world as nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected marine biologists and science institutions deliver all-new groundbreaking shark stories and take on the most daring shark experiments ever attempted in search of compelling insight into the mysterious world of sharks. In addition, shark scientists and experts find a new hunting ground off the coast of South Africa and witness the dramatic battles between predator and prey.

Sunday, July 28:
8:00 PM: Expedition Unknown: Megalodon
9:00 PM: Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.
11:00 PM: Shark After Dark

Monday, July 29:
8:00 PM: Sharks of the Badlands
9:00 PM: Legend of Deep Blue
10:00 PM: The Sharks of Headstone Hell
11:00 PM: Shark After Dark

Tuesday, July 30:
8:00 PM: Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing
9:00 PM: Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters
10:00 PM: Air Jaws Strikes Back
11:00 PM: Shark After Dark

Wednesday, July 31:
8:00 PM: Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark
9:00 PM: Capsized: Blood in the Water
11:00 PM: Shark After Dark

Thursday, August 1:
8:00 PM: Return to Shark Island
9:00 PM: Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe
10:00 PM: Monster Mako: Perfect Predator
11:00 PM: Shark After Dark

Friday, August 2:
8:00 PM: Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers
9:00 PM: Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver
10:00 PM: I Was Prey: Shark Week

Saturday, August 3:
9:00 PM: Sharks Gone Wild 2
10:00 PM: Shark Week Immersion

This Shark Week is fin-credible! On August 4, the final day of Shark Week, Discovery Channel will broadcast encores of some the week’s best shark programming.

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